Italian casual in atmosphere "cactushouse" old Miss Western

Italian restaurant nestled quietly fujieda TAKASU verdant residential area "Cactus Haus"To!
Coffee shop was popular during the Showa era from the owner at the time of transfer is、1990Opened as a casual everyone in an Italian restaurant owner-chefYamamoto Hiroshi (Hiroshi Yamamoto)!

Orange tile roofs and white Western touch to feel the flow in the age、Fireplace is in the shop filled with warm, dark wood、Unleash the calm inviting space!

And bother you for lunch and the approximate number of years for this day.、After a long time met Yamamoto Hiroshi, Chef and have been! Lunch、Soup salad of the day、Homemade Focaccia、Half pasta、Main dish、Cactus lunch, soft drinks really get!

Choose from four types of entrees、"Soft or steak with fresh tomato sauce (¥ 1500)" overflows the gravy a juicier and moist soft "chicken herb bread crumbs baked with tomato sauce (¥ 1500)"!

Assorted gelato and specialty cakes, recommend Dolce Patisserie features a restaurant where you can enjoy is available at +400 Yen!
A classy cream to taste "Mocha"、Moist, rich custard cheese with mango and black currant gelato combinations, tea and most I lump satisfied!

After the meal、Mountain spare then chat with our chef。Youthful and energetic appearance of Hiroshi Yamamoto while alive and well may have been over the years with each other、"I go in the morning 呑mi those days have great memories!" and flowers bloom in fairy tales、Happy lunchtime! Mr./Ms. Yamamoto、Thank you!

By cactushouse、Learn the basics of cooking and "Italian House" cooking classes held、Closed on Monday is a thriving shop most popular!
In addition、I cut "future customers" with young children、In addition, of the importance of having a meal with his family in mind、Small chairs and cutlery provided、Meet and greet with peace of mind、Because it is a family-friendly restaurant、
We have mothers with small children、I visit with the children.

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