"Raku Raku 咖 caffes da shop" cafe where you can enjoy quality, specialty coffees and homemade cakes


Loyalty and filial piety reconstruction area of the busy streets of the city's Café battleground!
So proud of popularity particularly among、
And where you will find a delicious specialty coffee buzz "Lok Lok 咖啡 (Cafe Laku-Laku)"。
(1) store "Cafe Laku Laku Yanshou shop"2010 August,To open and、
After that、Riding on the momentum2013/1 JanuaryTo、Second store "Cafe Laku LakuDaan's shop"We are open。
Name of street、Come here anytime、And place umbrellas and、
Please aim to be where many people congregate and store、"Lok Lok 8度咖啡"And has been named.


Using wood Terrace seats、In a space filled with warmth、
Heart to those who used to enjoy peaceful popular!
Coffee can on the one hand and natural smile batch is born!


The brick walls and wooden counter 10 seat.、
Poured with plenty of natural light from the large glass Windows、Cosy restaurant。
Coffee tools aligned on the shelf of the good sense of the owner and his wife feel!


Is in the back and relaxing cafe space.、16More seats are available。
Is provided here、
The ownerBooby ChiangOther quality-driven specialty coffee、
WifePopos Hsu (aka:Combinations or Rebecca)Be supervised by homemade cakes、
Coffee tools and gadgets。
Listen to fashionable magazine、1People quietly breaks even better and、
Would be nice to use for people who like and enjoy。
Japan MagazineCasa BRUTUSAlso there!


Here is、The other day、In gourmet coffee Meister "Rakujin Osen (aka:Osen)"To tell you about、
"L’Air café néo-bistro"In French, to pair the coffeeEvents in、
Mr.OsenRoasted coffee beansMr.OsenOf under the direction of、
Gave me some delicious coffeeBooby ChiangThe shop!
For my wifePopos Hsu (aka:Combinations or Rebecca)Whats by it fluent Japan language translation! (Xie Xie! )
The original、Among salaried workersBooby
In life continues every day hustling、Go to cafes after work time is love、
Speak with precious time needed to refresh。
2Unbridled love of coffee with people in the bulge、
Starting to think I want and more time in their lives、
For the decision to leave the company、(1) store "Cafe Laku Laku Yanshou shop"It is decided to open a cafe。
BoobyThe charge of coffee、RebeccaThe cakes to make、The effort, while couples three-legged race have all joined hands to open。
The effort is fruitful、As well as around the well operated、
So now that their staff、Have a coffee menu choices、Increase the width of the home-made cakes、
Attracts many cafe!


Use the espresso blends、
Ethiopia、Costa Rica、Colombia、Mocha、Panama,、Basically 5 kinds.、
Taipei "RUFOUS COFFEE"That in order for roasting、
Using the original, and I had roasted coffee beans、In the mellow flavor of coffee。
In the drip、Ethiopia and Costa Rica、Choose the good beans from regions such as Panama、
In response to BREW one cup at a time、Complement of taste。

On this day、Roasted with fresh new beans that arrived、Staff works interesting new beans!


There is snack time、Let us immediately you delicious coffee and home-made cakes.


Enjoy the refreshing acidity Coffee pairing event we seeEthiopia"、
Rich aroma with refreshing aftertaste "Costa Rica (Medium Roast)"、
Well-balanced aroma and flavor-rich "Panama (dark roast)"And we enjoy every taste three types!
The taste of the coffee is、Taiwan's coffee culture has evolved very、
Well as the suites、Without the added flavor and elegance、Guests can taste no burden to the stomach.


Moist rich "devil chocolate cake"
140TWD (Japan Yen:About 500 yen)

(Devil chocolate cake)


Walnut with "carrot"
140TWD (Japan Yen:About 500 yen)
(Carrot cake)


Most popular! Fresh "Lemon Cake"
110TWD (Japan Yen:About 390 yen)


Interviewing the owner and、Mr.OsenCame to see casual attire (lol)
Said that it's a joke.、Have it delivered just roasted coffee beans。
Mr.OsenAndBoobyThe、About music and taste tastes the same owner is my best friend for over 15 years!
The last、In a hugely successful event stories and Taipei food situation very exciting、
We can have a good time。
BoobyAndRebeccaThe、2The thing with in early October in Tokyo that Japan 1 week at work!
Their success is spreading in Japan、I hope finding a good edge.


Booby Chiang、Popos Hsu (aka:Combinations or Rebecca)、Rakujin Osen (aka:Osen)
Thanks for the aromatic coffee and delicious cake!
Let me again! Xie Xie! Look!

Lok Lok 咖啡 (Cafe Laku-Laku) da's
Address:Lane 19, Taipei's Daan road, 16th
TEL:+886 2 2771 5108
Hours of operation:13:00To 22:00

Lane 19, Taipei's Daan road, 16th

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