Check-in at the hotel fusion 'Humble House Taipei' art like works of art!


Taipei's major tourist attractions as a tourist office I shall be "Taipei 101"And、
And packed the popular spots of gourmet and large shoppingXinyi districtTo
2013/11To open since about five star "Humble House Taipei"。
Place、MRTPlates South lineThe "Municipal Eki"3 ExitThanWithin a 5-minute walkAnd conveniently located、
"Breeze SONG GAO"From the 5th floor of the building into the 24th floorHumble House TaipeiAnd will be。
"Le Méridien Taipei"And in the same Group、
Contemporary art and antiques、Flower design、A wide range of hotel services and food and beverage management has been
"My Humble House Hospitality Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
Humble House TaipeiThe、As a hotel management company brand will be first!
Humble House TaipeiThe、New style blend of art, culture and composed its theme、Attracting attention.


A Royal smilePaulLet's greet us!


Ceiling height of 9 metres in height, in the entrance hall with open pride、Beautiful works of art we will jump into the eyes!
Humble House TaipeiThe major features、
Hotel、Contemporary art in the work spindleExhibit nearly 600 works of art from around the worldHas been、
The exhibition concept、
Tagore the poet of India nature and nature themes, sang "Live the summer flowers are gorgeous as..."To raise the awareness
"Let life be beautiful like summer flowers... life is like summer flower"And entitled、
In the urban jungle、Stepping on to the step hotel、
Experience in a visitors mind and body together to Xanadu walked the beautiful journey is being wished so.


"Gust of wind (Bourrasque) / Paul Cocksedge"

Paul CocksedgeThe Kansei science home。
From the idea of having the power of beauty is light、
Excellent, innovative works exceeded the boundaries of science and technology and material to produce、
Beauty astonished the people simple in design while incorporating visual tricks that。
Of the work "Bourrasque"The、
Combination of conductive light-emitting plates of various sizes、And express moments of paper flutter in the strong winds while spreading、
Beautiful from every angle、Even though the events of the moment, such as transience、
You can sense the fantastic world。
This work is being exhibited-Council、World's first permanent exhibition works of art as is exhibited。
And meaning of the soar papers welcome "Step step high rise (promoted to lap.)"The cleaning means、
Humble House TaipeiThe General Manager is to enableHugo ShengAlso a favorite piece!


Kind-hearted bellhopYu Heng Henry ChenCould you please guide up front on the 6th floor.


Inside the elevator has spacious and in a simple, stylish design。
Room needed from the floor
Security is also provided.


Feeling of openness of the atrium lobby。
In the glass and skylights in abundance、Has produced a good air。
Enjoy the art works all over the place、You can walk around like the Museum of fine arts。
And so do not touch your hands to works of art that it is.


"Peony (Peony- / Yasuyoshi Sugiura (Yasuyoshi Sugiura).

Yasuyoshi Sugiura (Yasuyoshi Sugiura)The、Japan tried to master nature of artist.。
Human beings and nature、Creation focuses on the relationship between land deeds.、By Gill in flower motifs and manga、
Reduced color pure、Various appearance and complexity inherent in plants expressing myself.、Expresses the sense of the presence of truth。
To awaken the curiosity of the people one step further, viewing in、
Impression of the works、Experience、You can feel the resonance and the nature of pleasure。
"Peony (Peony-"TheHumble House TaipeiIn order to created original works!


Front lobby

Olives Taipei、Represents the fusion of art and culture and lifestyle new design sense and、
Design Hotels™(※)In Taiwan the only Member Hotel is.

(※) Design Hotels™The、Over 50 countries of the world、300Do hotels management agent and marketing organizations。
Show hotel managers at every single hotel”Originality”The ideals and hopes, and、
A passion for hospitality、Have to hope for the essence of the culture and the people who design and architecture。
Such as”Originality”Ideal show's hotels offer originality and aesthetics、Represents the experience based on the service。
Design Hotels™Was founded in 1993 by Claus Sendlinger。
For subscribers of member hotels、From the consulting market trends、
Provides a unique view of the travel industry including representatives of international marketing and management。
Head Office is in Berlin.、London's branch、Barcelona、New York City、Extended to Singapore。


Check-in time15 pm:00Will be from。
The front desk staff、Staff can speak English and Japan, will have to、Don't worry about the language。
24Reception staff-hours.


Marketing Communications ManagerSasha HsiehTo
Will show in the hotel! (Xie Xie! )
Next in line、Humble House TaipeiOf the facility is an introduction ♪

Humble House Taipei
Location:Taipei Xinyi, pine channel 18 No.
TEL:+886 2 6631 8000

Taipei Xinyi, pine channel 18 No.

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