Taipei train station within walking distance "Star hostel" inexpensive and fashionable! Guest House community is born!


As to why young people choose a hostel (guesthouse), not hotel、
Inexpensive and fashionable、Many more unique hostel、
By using the shared space、Benefits should be easy to guests between the foreign community was born。
Click here "Star Hostel Taipei Main Station"Even one。
From Taipei train station within walking distanceHuayin StAnd along the、
Rates are580TWD-3000 TWD (Japan Yen:2,090JPY – JPY 10800)And it is very good!


And landed on the fourth floor with elevator、Spread an ample space in front of the front lobby!
Pendant lights hanging from the bare ceiling、
And with lots of natural wood、Green is soothing, gentle vibe。
In the Middle、Of small waiting area seating、Full sense of relief in the skeleton.


Useful surface Area Map!


Showcasing the work of young artists!


Stylish souvenirs are sold!


Mounted behind the front counter Cafe "Star Cafe"The、Natural light penetrates the atmosphere。
8 am:00-10:00Of hours、
Is there bread and some fruit snacks、Complimentary breakfast is also served here。
Breakfast in the cheap lodging is a surprise!
Nightly 19.:00~ 26:00The、Bar&Serves as a restaurant.


Want to check in at the front desk、Getting down the hallway.、To the entrance to the hostel。
Move the Exchange put on slippers here for shoes。
One side、Shoe boxes in wood is good!


And a common space for lounge、2And floor / ceiling height、This open and relaxing atmosphere。
Guests、Became free space available for use during your stay、
Read a book while enjoying tea、Or work on your computer、
Sharp exchanges among foreign guests and、And the community will be.


Taiwan people's friendLi Peixun (Lee Pei-Syun)HK-Kun!
This became a highly popular Taipei hostel、
Always brimming with young people for、
In this pop-up coffee stand "EAVES COFFEE"Engaged inLeeAs the cum、
Community and people who share the same tastes and preferences is gives stimulation every day!


Lounge right can ask the guest appearance。
Women-only floors、Or provided by men and women shared dormitory-style (single room)、
Until the private rooms for couples and families a wide range of layout de揃i、
Can your freedom to choose to budget or number of。
Rates are580TWD-3000 TWD (Japan Yen:2,090JPY – JPY 10800)And great deals!
Simple and compact rooms decorated in natural wood on the bed、
Sleep only to ensure enough space。
Alone or in public spaces、Or the potential spread sum new、
As a women's travel and group travel、Also enjoy trips to training camp feeling is one of the top reasons.


Shared kitchen、And space are available free to guests、
Introduction to refrigeration, freezer and microwave oven、General Cookware becomes complete.、You can prepare your own。
To buy in the market、Dishes made with local ingredients should be fun!
All you can drink tea bags provided by the kitchen tea or coffee free of charge that is serviced.


In a corner of the lobby、Pop-up coffee stand "EAVES COFFEE"Is open!
Taiwan people's friendLi Peixun (Lee Pei-Syun)Cum、
Graphic designerAnd working with、"ZouZou Design Studio"He operated、
Coffee lover's interest、Because casual pop-up coffee stand、
This makes occasional sales、And generally open one day a week on Saturday.
(Standard hours of operation:Weekly Saturday morning 8:00~ 16:00-

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Coffee Syrop

12042150_ 10206050345271218 _ 506730338 _ n

Li Peixun (Lee Pei-Syun)

12050660_ 10206050338631052 _ 2077870109 _ o

Specialty Coffee

In a stylish and cosy Hostel in、
"EAVES COFFEE"The delicious specialty coffee to come enjoy it!

Star Hostel Taipei Main Station
Location:4F, No 50 Huayin St., Datong Dist., Taipei
TEL:+886 2 2556 2015

Business days and hours indication:Weekly Saturday morning 8:00~ 16:00(Bulk sales)

No. 44-46, Huayin St, Taipei City, Taiwan

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