Breads of the super popular shop which was recognized in the world convention of Hida Takayama boulangerie "Tran Blue" bread

France at coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, the world's premier bakers compete for technology in Paris.、2005In 2008, he was the team leader of the Japan National Team and won the world's third-place honor.、ability is recognized worldwide、Boulangerie led by Tadashi Naruse, who is making its name roar from Hida TakayamaTRAIN BLEU (Tran Blue)"。

Owner Boulanger's Tadashi Naruse、It is the fourth generation of the bread manufacturing company "Naruse Co., Ltd." founded in 1919.、After graduating from Seijo University Faculty of Economics、Art Coffee Co., Ltd.、Hotel Okura Tokyo Co., Ltd.、After working at the Japan Bread Institute、1989Opened TRAIN BLEU in his hometown of Takayama city in 2008.。2005Won the world's third-largest award at the 2008 Pan World Championships、2012In 2008, he was the coach of the tournament and won the championship in a dignified manner.。And、In the same year, he appeared in NHK's "Professional Work Style"、The name is widely known to the world.。2016In 2008, he won first place in the ranking of Nikkei Shimbun "Storen"、He is also publishing books such as "The Possibilities of Bread Opened Up by Tran Bleu / Asahiya Publishing" and a book "The Work Theory of Delicious Bakeries That Will Surprise the World / PHP Publishing" that describes his own work style and philosophy about bread.、Not only in Japan, but also in China and Taiwan、Training in Korea、A lot of technical guidance is provided.、He attracts attention from all over the world as a baker!

Japan domestic、Far to Hida Takayama、Many bread lovers come to this bakery、Although I was prepared for a long line at a popular restaurant that handed out numbered tickets from early in the morning on holidays、On this day when I arrived before noon on a weekday,、Luckily on a day when there were few queues、Although there is a limit to the number of people in the store、15I was able to enter the store in about a minute of waiting time!

The wooden door at the entrance is decorated with a cute mimosa half moon wreath.、You can feel a small spring even in the high mountains where there is still residual snow。While looking at the hand-painted pops lined up in front of the store、Asking about the inside of the store、I'm excited to wait for this time!

Because my dog Chocolat was also accompanying me to Hida Takayama this time.、I put a lead on the fence next to the slope in front of the store.、While buying bread、I decided to keep you waiting! Chocolat sits quietly like a sign dog and waits.。You can do it smartly.、Maybe ♪ it's because I like bread chocolate.

The adjacent factory is、The bread factory of "Naruse", which was run by mr. Naruse's now-deceased father。School lunch bread and、Bread for high school stalls、bread that wholesales to hospitals and city halls is made.、It is sold at local supermarkets in Takayama City.。Although it is a familiar "Naruse bread" that everyone in Takayama city had been on the side from an early age、Mr. Naruse launched "Tran Blue" as a completely different brand from "Naruse Bread"、It is composed mainly of Viennoiserie, which he himself loves。What is Viennoiserie?、Folded fermentation dough such as croissants and danishes、Or an egg.、Sugar、bread made of fermented dough such as brioche with butter、In "Tran Blue"、After all those breads are very popular!

Go into a store and、Trophies and medals at the world championships held behind the waiting booth。It has been selected by 100 famous restaurants of Tabelog。

There are showcases in the small L-shaped store、More than 40 kinds of bread lined up in a narrow area! I can not hide the surprise in the variety rich variety!

While waiting for an order, look through which one to buy、We will ask for the bread you want at the timing when the staff calls you。

Go to the back and look at all kinds of bread、I want to eat all of them.、I'm tempted to get it、Among them, carefully selected and ordered in a well-balanced manner!

Hamamatsu⇄ It is about 3.5 hours by car between Takayama、This time I gave up only Danish of refrigeration。

However,、I want to get only freshly baked croissants that are baked around noon every day! If you look at the kitchen,、The croissant dough is aligned in the oven in front of you! Other customers seem to be looking for croissants as well、I heard that they were asked if they would bake it.。

Carefully examine in front of a showcase with various types of croissants and Danishes、When you're done ordering everything、I'll pay you in the center.。

I also use it to make bread"LESAFFRE (Lesaffle)Mr. Naruse who is also an ambassador of]。That certificate is also decorated.。

The other day、Two Michelin-starred French restaurants in NagoyaReminiscence"In the、In the flow that impressed me with this bread served in the course、I would like to visit directly by all means、Please ask Masaki Kuzuhara-kun in advance、By having Mr. Naruse make an appointment、I was able to see you on this day! Not to mention souvenirs from Hamamatsu, we support "Angel Sound Muskmelon"。This ultimate muskmelon may be difficult to use for bread、We hope you will feel the deliciousness of the angel sound!

How three types of bread were born that snuggled up to the delicate course of "Reminisense".、Gifu⇄While away from Nagoya、Techniques to finish to serve delicious bread every day at restaurants、We asked him about the process from meeting Katsurahara-kun to collaborating、It was a short time, but I had a very good time.。Also、Trained under Mr. Naruse、When I heard that independent bakers are all over the country、There are also disciples in Hamamatsu where we live.、What a name came out "Boulangerie Kaseru".。Here is、Because it was a bakery that we used to visit when we lived in Tomizuka.、I was very surprised.、This machine、I would also like to visit "Cassel"!

I was worried about the illustrations on the wall of Mr. Naruse's office.、When I look at it,、Along with Naruse's caricature, "When the chef makes croissants,、Sani Brown at hand" was written! How to layer Mr. Naruse's early work of making croissants with Sani Brown in Japanese athletics、It is a unique perspective of a child who is very creative! I saw some other caricatures from children.、I can experience the warm personality of Mr. Naruse、I was allowed to feel relaxed!

Mr. Naruse、Thank you for taking your time while you are busy! Also、I would like to ask you when you visit Takayama!

This time Hida Takayama、3I went to the destination of eaves.、I'm back home on a day trip with that foot.。17 kinds of bread purchased the next morning are arranged on the tabletop、Invite a friend who likes bread、"Tran Blue Bread Party" is held! Woodworking unit artist in ToyamaShimoo DesignI'm looking forward to shooting while serving the bowl of the floating series of]、Fukuroi home roasting coffee roaster "Blister and Japanese restaurantI will taste it with delicious coffee of "Bonjarzine Farm" that is a contract farm!

Bake one loaf each time you eat it.、Because it can't be just baked everything、I have you after finishing it in a good state at least!

Croissant 240 yen per piece

The fragrant croissant, which is folded with fermented butter, bakes the first stool around noon。This time, one is freshly baked and cheeked on the spot.、A blissful time with the fragrance and taste that drifts happily! If you carry it to your mouth,、The hull is thin and spills out、The inside has a moist and fluffy texture、The rich buttery aroma spreads throughout your mouth! The second flight is around 13:30.。Don't miss the timing of baking popular croissants!

"Sweet Roll Mountain" 180 yen per piece

Tran Blue's "Legendary Bread" that customers who visit in the morning always buy! In the mountain mold with a colon、2The bread that is adorable with a small size feeling that can be eaten with three mouths、Butter is folded into condensed milk dough and soaked in syrup.、Moist and fluffy sweet bread。Recommended for children!

"Pistachio Croissant" 280 yen

Plenty of popular pistachio paste in the croissant dough。The amount of paste in it、It is smaller than the standard croissant, but it has a feeling of eating!

"Baton" 130 yen per piece

Cheese stick like a torsional stick with plenty of edam cheese。The rich taste of fragrant cheese is perfect for a beer!

Corn Croissant ¥220

Add corn to the croissant dough with a tartare sauce that goes well together、Bread that can be enjoyed by young children and the elderly!

Croissant Loin Ham 240 yen

High-quality loin ham is rolled in croissant fabric、Loin ham bread with a fragrant cheese aroma!

"Miltil" 230 yen

A popular item from the beginning with homemade custard cream with a modest sweetness and plenty of blueberries!

"Orange" 260 yen

Carefully peel off raw oranges one by one、Danish with special cream! The crispy Danish dough goes well with sweet and sour fruits and cream!

"Quinniaman" 320 yen

Queeniaman, a fermented confectionery in Brittany, France。Any bakery.、If there is, be sure to get a dish。Infused with a sweet vanilla scent、The surface is crispy with fragrant caramel.、You can enjoy a moist texture with a supple inside.。Come with your coffee!

"Milk stick" 220 yen

A sweet and gentle snack bread made by sandwiching homemade milk cream on a stick-shaped bread prepared only with milk!

"Onagon" 320 yen

A popular product with plenty of red beans in French bread dough! No matter where you cut it, Onagon will appear and you can enjoy plenty of natural sweetness!

"Olive Rustic" 380 yen

Luc's delicious green and black olives mixed together、French bread fermented at low temperature for a long time。Green olives contain anchovies and have a moderately salty taste.、You can also count on alcohol!

"Uguisu beans and Andean rock salt lustic" 280 yen

The gentle sweetness of the generously folded uguisu beans is enhanced by the rock salt sprinkled on top!

"Epi" 280 yen

Roll bacon in French bread dough、Small epi baked in the shape of ears of wheat。The tangy spiciness of black pepper tightens the taste!

"Panshu" 280 yen

Using umami Hida bacon cut into cubes that are satisfying to eat.、Panchoux with homemade escargot butter with garlic wrapped in French bread dough。The flavorful bacon aroma will whet your appetite!

"Chocolat" 260 yen

Palm-sized snack French bread with French chocolate bars wrapped in French bread dough。The name of our beloved dog Chocolat、I can't help but buy it!

"Batal" 1 bottle 350 yen

Enjoy the fragrant crust crispy、The inside is soft and light with soft bubbles.、Batal is made to go well with Japanese food with a moderate salty taste! Put stir-fry on top、Delicious even when soaked in boiling broth、It has a simple taste that goes well with any dish!

This time the、When you visit Hida Takayama, you must stop by Hida Kiyomi's prosciutto and sausage specialty store"CurnontueI also tried it together with "Liette du Mans Specialité"、Serve with riette and then toast to make it crispy and fragrant.、I enjoyed the flavorful pate and batar well! The article on "Kyurnonchue" will be read later、We will introduce you!

What is the store name "TRAIN BLEU(Tran Blue)"?、It means "blue train" in French.、Continue to run a long way towards your destination、It is named with the wish that。not novelty or fad、Today from yesterday、From today to tomorrow、It is hoped that bread will become even more delicious.、Face bread with sincerity without compromising every day、Because it is bread making that faces with an inquiring mind、It's like a loaf of bread!

The 17 types of bread selected this time are、No matter which one you get、I could feel the deep love poured into Mr. Naruse's bread for its softness and lightness wrapped in it! When you visit Hida Takayama, it will be a bakery that I would definitely recommend!

TRAIN BLEU (Tran Blue)
Address:1-73-5 Nishinoichishikicho, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture
Hours of operation:10:00To 18:00(*CLOSE as soon as it is sold out)
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday (*Please check the calendar on the official website for store opening)
Parking lot:There is next to the store (free)

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