GLION STEAK HOUSE table performance with flambe desserts


"GLION STEAK HOUSE(Gerry on Steakhouse) "of course conclude special dessert、Table performance also becomes a flamboyant cherries Jubilee!

This dessert was originally、Akin to modern when was left a culinary feast at the time Victoria Queen Coronation 50th anniversary while France culinary Foundation Auguste Escoffier (Auguste Escoffier) in London, United Kingdom、What was born as he was presented to the Queen's creative cooking!

in the words "50th anniversary celebration" and "jubile (Jubilee).、Cook was named thus became the "cherries Jubilee"、As France is being billed as the "Queen of the suites.、Now that is provided at hotels and upscale restaurants!

On the frying in butter sugar、Narrow it down to the organic Lemon、Put plenty of American cherry、Orange peel on dexterity, and spiral、Enjoy the scent of cherries from the orange on the Kirsch and add brandy to taste、2For the drip of alcohol and flambé, let fire、Dessert of a mysterious blue light. Boil down the perfect timing、Finally finished, we put on the ice!

Also see Syouryu andShimatani Yoshinori (Shimatani Yoshinori)"Of" Tin is found, hail "me by、Added about changes to a blend of ice melt as a stunning dessert dish!

Mouth melt amid gentle sweetness of good ice cream、Balance between sweet and sour cherry sauce is delicious!

As a Small cake、[39] and shaped and "thank you" for spirit to drink and fresh Strawberry、In addition to the、While the financier marked with the emblem of our beloved "MASERATI" after-dinner coffee.

Cafe、Introduction to Hawaii Kona coffee、"GLION GROUP"Can choose from a lineup of Kobe black tea that is operated for、We get a love Earl Grey! soothing aromatic tea leaves.

To high-quality spatial atmosphere like it walked into the Palace of Europe、Make your music rich accompaniment of 0/1937 production of "Yamaha grand piano (NO3-).、Was able to enjoy the finest course! 宮定,、Thank you staff!

For got my alcohol、Ask the taxi、Believe it or not the car has come!













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