Aging beef sauteed in GLION STEAK HOUSE wood


"GLION STEAK HOUSE(Gerry on Steakhouse) "of steak、Received the title of the top few percent of American beef in high-quality "USDA prime beef, aged to wettageing in 21 days、Used, very good condition。"Oak"、"Quercus"、"Oak"、Using the "Quercus variabilis" 4 types of wood、And finish with "Ember roasted" recipe ingredients、At the cremation site of the glass-enclosed main dining room suggests that this、Enjoy the gastronomic chefs we toasted to the exciting!

Restaurant senses is exactly that!

This time the、This push menu black truffle fragrance can enjoy red meat was moist and dense and flavorful "Prime tenderloin with black truffle sauce" thick while the "Prime Filet Mignon.、In addition、Whats the softer, juicier "Prime liberi"?

Main course each can choose garnishes、You can choose from "vegetables and baked potatoes" or "garlic mashed potatoes" or "rice"!

Thank your 釋 Yung Dake âge (Aju) series "Prime Filet Mignon.、According a hearty thick fillet savagely cut out and feel the strength of the Earth in this large and powerful!

The steak sauce、Sasayama onion and Apple juice to Ponzu based upon "sauce"、"Roasted garlic Demi-Glace sauce.、Salt Wasabi infused with wasabi and salt、Black truffle salt、There was a five species of the Tasmanian grain mustard"、It is possible to enjoy a change in addition to taste with your favorite! However,、Upon the first initially flesh originally of flavor to enjoy without anything better!

Steak with red wine、Our couple's favorite California Napa Valley Winery "Kenzo estate"The received"rindo (violet bells).。Characterized by delicate tannins, aromas of black fruits and、Is deep.、Honjozo supple!

Elegance and comfort while enjoying the finest American steaks enjoy the scent of the wood.

To finish、Of a special performance of the restaurant dessert!









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