Crockery GLION STEAK HOUSE Toyama writer's paradise!


"GLION STEAK HOUSE(Gerry on Steakhouse) "in in the VIP room is a special room、Franck Muller's famous luxury watches of Switzerland has been engaged in tableware "FRANCK MULLER FUTURE FORM (frankmmurahuewure form) "and has been collaborating with restaurants as Asia's first attempt!

away from the concept of a room in a restaurant、In a room in the corner of the castle、inflate the image as if the aristocracy blooms in the conversation、It is colored with frank muller's high-quality tableware、Directing a very elegant time!

Such a wonderful original glass and a container、The cutlery is set, but、This time、I would like to introduce the series of "Vessels and Travels" that we lade is planning to introduce to everyone at GLION STEAK HOUSE.、Mr. Hiroshi Nakamichi, chef, worked with toyama artists.

The first thing that appeared was、Sister store is "Hy & # 8217s; s Hawaii STEAK HOUSE("Cheese Bread" has been loved for 40 years in Highs
Here is、Cheddar、Gruyère、Combine mozzarella and three cheeses and put them on top of the bread、
Only the surface is baked、The smell of cheese is fragrant.、And it is a dish that was finished softly and softly! Because it is cut to four equal parts so that it is easy to eat、Serve by handas ♪

Next in line、Caesar Salad
Organic vegetables from "Akari Farm" located in the very nutritious Romainlet lettuce and Tamba Sasayama
It becomes "Caesar salad" used in plenty.。The organic vegetables of "Akari Farm"、The next time、Vegetables offered to athletes at the Tokyo Olympic Athletes Village!
For caesar salad dressing、Anchovies from Spain、Organic garlic in Hyogo、Add black pepper to it.、Using the back of a wooden spoon、I rub it into a huge wood ball and mix it so that it smells good.。In addition、Mustard accented with fresh eggs、Leeperin Sauce、Squeezed ehime organic lemon、Red Wine Vinegar、Add organic organic virgin olive oil from Argentina and add vegetables to the dressing、It is completed by mixing evenly so that it gently scoops up with a wooden spoon.。
Even a plate of appetizers.、has become a nice table performance、It is a beautiful, fun and delicious finish to see with eyes! The quick movement is splendid again!
Such a "Caesar salad"Gaku SyakunagaPlease match the [âge] series , thin bowl [ THIN ]、Green shines in a gentle hue of nature like grain of wood and stimulates the appetite♪ vegetables are delicious again♪

Two kinds of appetizers are prepared for me.、Seafood and avocado salad and "live carpaccio 4 colors radish soy sauce-based balsamic sauce"、For carpaccio salad with seasonal fish
"Shimoo Design/Shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Please match the beautiful [floating series stand plate] so that the grain of the] comes to mind、The avocado salad with petit tomato estimable colors is matched with the black glaze series and daidai dishes of "Mt. Yanaga".

The special soup that changes from day to day、"Red shrimp and shrimp risotto cream soup wrapped in kadaif"、So that the white ness of the cream soup can be reflectedWing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)Please use the [black glaze series, thin bowl " THIN" ] of]、I have you share the thick cream soup and the foot red shrimp of the pre-puri wrapped in the kadaif of the crispy texture.、It becomes the soup to eat to enjoy the texture!

Start with vegetables that the body is happy with、Where it was warmed up by a thick soup、It is the appearance of the main dish finally♪










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