Fukuroi home roasting coffee beans at 'blister and Japanese restaurant March end of new stock of coffee beans


Retreat home roasting coffee beans shop located just along the road to the Temple of Fukuroi through 'Blister and Japanese restaurant"Mr.。My friend and his wife, Hama-chan, Nintoku Hamakoji, and his wife, Akemi, run it.、Shop where you will find the aroma of delicious coffee beans!


Here you will、Pick select from the raw beans are always lined up on store shelves、Roasted to order from that commitment Buri。While waiting for the coffee beans are roasted、Will treat his wife Akemi delicious freshly brewed coffee。In small children put out hot chocolate instead of coffee and、Is your family go out to buy coffee beans in the family total putting out very good service so many。However,、Should not be confused、That is not a cafe。Shops purchase coffee beans only。Telephone booking in advance by going to get when you date、Because it will make the suit at that time、Hurry is sure to phone book.


"Cinco Estrera Farm" 900 yen 200g (tax included)

MameyakaFue's new bean at the end of March、Cinco EstrelaWhere is the place of origin?、Brazil will be Patrosinho, Minas Gerais。His ancestors were Ricardo Bartolo, a farmer of Italian descent.。“Cinco Estrela"And in Portuguese"5One star"Means。In addition to coffee plantations, Ricardo grows crops.、I have a pig farm.、We put into practice agriculture considering the control of ecosystems by reducing pesticides and organic fertilizers in total.、We also make no investments to improve the quality of it.。The maker's feelings were filled.5One starPrecious beans named、That only Mameyakafue-san is sold in Japan.、It seems to have written the logo of "mameya cafe" in the original in the stock bag.。Hama-chan says、Cinco Estrela's recommended roasting、Medium roast。It seems to be a feeling that the orange which smells faintly is added to the richness of a firm cocoa♪


"Healthy orange baked cheesecake made with drained yogurt"

I changed the baked cheesecake which I always make with lemon into orange juice and made it.。What is the recipe?、Healthy baked cheese cake in draining yogurt makingOf1 tablespoon lemon juiceThis time、2 tablespoons orange juiceTo change the、This time thePound typeIt is baked in。The amount of water that is high、Moist feeling increases to a favorite texture。It is well received by customers.、The sweetness is also modest and refreshing.、I'm glad that you were pleased with the baked cheesecake without weight.。Served with freshly made orange confiture♪


Freshly roasted、freshly ground and freshly brewedCinco Estrela。When it is ground, the fragrant smell tickles the nose with a good feeling.。When you pour hot water with a hand drip、The feeling that it is wrapped in the smell of coffee spreading in the kitchen、I understand? The power of the shoulder is lost somewhere, and it is healed.、You can spend a relaxing time, don't you?。Like adult like your coffee、From this moment there I think。The palate is、Full-bodied and with a moderate bitterness、Good balance、Orange faint fragrance is also、It goes better with homemade sweets accidentally made with orange! Busy, busy every day、A time like this is really important... and let us realize。Hama-CHAN、Akemi、Thank you delicious coffee!

Blister and Japanese restaurant
Fukuroi-shi Muramatsu 2607 TEL:0538-42-7222
Hours of operation 10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Fukuroi city Muramatsu 2607

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