New ' Pizzeria Attico! Attico pizzeria "authentic pizza making with wood-fired Neapolitan


This year2014 yearSpringTo11First yearFukuroi marks the popular restaurant "IZA CAFE coo-kai?"The owners XING guys and Mr. takehara XING、3Years thought not as an extension to store 號舖 drew、COO-Kai?Is it in authentic pizza in Naples to the hotel's wood-fired kiln shop 'Pizzeria Attico! Pizzeria attico"Welcome Ishida-Kun Shin certified pizzaiolo (pizza maker) in the open。Taxis filled with warm interior with grid glass storefronts、Full Green green tiled、And stacked firewood、And feel the wind of southern Italy as a charming storefront。On this day、3Attico San had been placed from April 20.、2014April 1st (Tue)The reception is held on the eve of the Grand opening and inviting、Joined by husband and wife.


Go into a store and immediately shows up a huge wood-fired kiln、Its weight of approximately 1.5 t、Their presence is filled with stout。2For new wood-burning kiln just transported to the Moon、Carefully controlled burning、Complemented by kiln took around a week or so, that could withstand the high temperature kiln moisture out while。The remaining moisture remains on high heat, and it burnt、And cracks from everywhere、Seems to be also kiln fall to pieces! But (surprise) is a wood-fired kiln burning work preparation is completed、Your makeup is not done so、But the color of the simple stone、Designed by 興sann himself, owner、So like made perfect tiles in our wood-fired kiln、We also enjoy one of。And、COO-Kai?And it's on the wall facing the street entrance、Will become a new symbol of this shop long chimneys from wood-fired kiln.


First of all the、Photos of the owner 興sann (pictured left) and pizzaiolo Ishida-Kun (photo right)!


Shop、Counter 3 seats、Table 10 seats and。Store design "ALAIN DESIGN Alan design"The charge and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Nakane、Painting interior walls and wood 興sann himself giving out hand、Using old wood table "Self catering APARTMENT STORE store"The Hina-Chan 日内地 Ken-Kun is involved in the production.


Attico (ITO:Attico) and the、In Italy, means "attic"。To learn to climb、There are adults feel as if in attic hideaway room。This sheet are sofa seats、Guests can dine and relax while。More at coo-kai?He's are equipped with a small peek at the store that can be、The landscape then got face cuteness and、Have problem just a Tickle like adults in a child's mind.


And overlooking the Interior from the attic、Has a wood-fired kiln。Workman Ishida-Kun Shin certified pizzaiolo (pizza maker) in the forge pizza also.


"Barrel stuffed with sparkling wine" 450 Yen

On this day、Alcohol is beer and barrel stuffed with sparkling wine.、In the non-alcoholic and for water, perie、With all you can drink that will give them butt naked!


Wrap up 興sann (photo back row Centre)、"A. Katsuki"The bartender back Chanko okuizumi, Kun (back row right)、"Self catering APARTMENT STORE store"The Hina-Chan 日内地 Ken-Kun (Center, front row photos)、"Across design co., Ltd."For with Mr. Takuya Matsuyama (right column).




While waiting for the pizza、Look at grilled on the pizzaiolo Ishida-Kun in spectacle、Also one of the ways to enjoy a pizzeria.。1The time it takes to bake sheet、With just 90 seconds in a high temperature kiln、Lets not take your eyes off put it in a wood-fired pizza。Puppets with a long rod (well-marked)、Delicious hot pizza finished.


"Shichiriana" 1,080 yen With tomato sauce、Oregano、Anchovy、Garlic、Olive、Capers、Cherry tomato

Pizzaiolo Ishida-Kun own favorite pizza! Quality materials、From the authentic Sicilian food also uses。Enjoy the aroma of oregano and garlic、Salty anchovies and olives as good、Tomato sauce and fresh cherry tomatoes placed with plenty of flavor is overflowing.、Of course fabric Neapolitan。The edges is called a cornicione (picture frames) and scrupulously to no longer、Plump。Using home-made yeast dough taste even better、Then the Neapolitan light finish so many cards in it is eaten away。Oh yes、Ishida-Kun、In quite a shy person who seems inarticulate、If it starts talking about the pizza stop (lol) while listening to his、Enjoy delicious pizza tasted more like it!.


"Marinara" 830 Yen
With tomato sauce、Oregano、Garlic



"Margherita" 980 yen
With tomato sauce、Mozzarella cheese、Enshū-Basil


"Quatro formaggi" 1280 Yen
Mozzarella cheese、Gorgonzola cheese、Parmesan cheese、Homemade ricotta


Piping hot pizzas are cut on the fly
There is also fun we can share with everyone!


"Funghi" 1380 Yen
Mozzarella cheese、Pleurotus eryngii、Shiitake mushroom、Shimeji mushrooms、Whether or not bamboo


"Pizza attico" 1380 Yen
Fukuroi in basil sauce、Mozzarella cheese、Cherry tomato

In addition to this cream.、Mozzarella cheese、Tuna、Cone Girasole 1280 yen and prosciutto、Mozzarella cheese、Benny reef、With tomato sauce、Parmigiano Reggiano "compro chute" and variations in the menu in all 8 types。This time the、From 6 varieties of pizza at all, we have enjoyed.


Monday is usually coo-kai?Ms. attico San is closed.、On this day, that the reception pertain、Fukuroi、Iwata、Friends found this review from Hamamatsu、興sann new stores open celebrate, a very lively gathering space.


In the attic "St.CLOIRE Saint Crowell"The President Lin (right back), including、"Life Partners life partners"For Mr. Ishikawa (front right of the photo) had been relax!


Fukuroi beauty 'Beauty room SWITCH"The owner and his wife、Daisuke Sakai and "switch "Tomoko Chan at the esthetician!


Current、Sanarudai goes my 4 D body stem training, PNF stretching professional Studio "Do-tight!"The personal trainer Shingo Yamada (pictured right) and Iwata shop"Roots roots"The owner Susan Kano child (Center of the photo)。Ms. Kano also under the guidance of Professor Shingo、In the summer and being on a diet, such as、I work second to none so tasty temptation to each other!


"ALAIN DESIGN Alan design"The enclosed Emiko Mrs. and Mr./Ms. Nakane Yasuharu.


Fukuroi flower arrangements "Haruna SATO Hana Club"The beauty shop owner h. Ochiai (center left) with Fukuroi"Appearance"The ownerHome roasting coffee roaster Fukuroi with Baboo Noriko's (photo right) "Blister and Japanese restaurant"The 濱小路 Akemi (pictured right)、Voice is the Madame's rich and vibrant (lol)


Fukuroi home roasting coffee roaster "Blister and Japanese restaurant"The owner Hama-Chan 濱小路 benevolence,。In the workplace is a taciturn impression strong! Hama-CHAN's realities... (laughs)


Of Fukuroi "Honey!Honey!!"The owner Gong-Chan Kozo Suzuki (Center of the photo).


Of Fukuroi "It's weekdays and"The surprise birthday cake prepared by his wife's birthday.


In the married couple took a picture!Congratulations!


興sann's wife and daughter rie-Chan and RIN Hana three shots! Rin at flower-Chan is no shy、Good friendly charm of a gesture in funny face with a smile like PEKO-CHAN!


And his eldest son birth of takehara's expecting more。Takuya Mori-Kun's debuts.


Still 堪rimasen Rosary 2 months after birth。Commonly、Exactly what is the ideal family image! Rin's flower-CHAN as early as sister dadonghai have so!


Meeting concludes、Greetings from 興sann the owner。Told that is surrounded by many friends, greeted this day very happy。If store expansion、New staff got their education, including、The pressure must be extended width and cultivating new customers who would、There is 興sann blessed with excellent business sense and luck.、No worries!。Future not in the fun!


While you drink、Authentic Neapolitan popped in、Breakfast and evening。In Fukuroi also increased the new gathering place。Pizza of pizzaiolo Ishida-Kun、It is a pizza you want to recommend to take a look at! 興sann、Ishida-Kun feast we did!

Pizzeria Penthouse ピ ッ ツ ェ リ ア ア ッ テ ィ コ
Shizuoka Prefecture Fukuroi Ichikawa YUI-868-6 TEL:0538-84-6199
Operating hours Lunch:11:30~ 14:00 Dinner:18:00~23:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

868-6 YUI Ichikawa Fukuroi, Shizuoka

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