' Park 四tsu池 ' model room sneak preview day 1 great success! Thank you for visiting us!


Tower rental apartments adjacent to the Yotsuike park "Park View Yotsuike"The completed renovation project part 1"! Once again、We ended on the first day as a sneak preview please let public model that。This rental apartment、Utilizing the rich natural environment of 四tsu池 ParkHealthThemed renovation。Remove the partition space、Extra stuff is stripped down、Open room making a simple design, tired of not、Spatial planning can be harmony with nature 四tsu池 ParkPursuing。Uncommon in rental apartmentsSolid wood desigUsed in luxury、Experience the warmth of trees in Barefoot feel。Summers are cool with cool、Warm in winter、Enjoy the texture of real wood for climate and features liveOffer。Living space、Kitchen work、Home partySuch as in the homeEventsEasy to hold andPublic spaceAvailable as。Also assumed that usually dwell、For a long time standing in the kitchen housewife、For the making of space overlooking the living room relax family while doing chores、And expressive diagonal lines on the chest wall was built so they wouldn't block the line of sight。By using open space and natural stress-free living environment in mind, fully novation we received!


Flowers decorate the rooms of the sneak preview、That is always very much "Pinus parviflora FLANNEL FLOWER"Is it in the selected、Treatment at the branches of the Ericaceae glass vases、Whats we arranged Pincushion in circular ceramic。The white space striking shades of green flowers that really stands out thanks!


1950-60DatingOfVintageOfWriting bureauThe、Frank Lloyd WrightThe coffee cup Empire Hotel with books commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright design、As manufacturers of the time "Noritake Noritake"The coordinated facsimile edition。In the pop-art artist recognized worldwideYoshitomo Nara (If you're at least!)With impish Mr. postcard book!


But fortunately the weather was concerned、Start with green around the apartment building with light in the heart of sunny Sun healing, invigorating afternoon.


Your visitors will、We have prepared a special green Smoothie I drank every morning。Vegetable-based、The high nutritional value of green leafy vegetablesChinese cabbageAndParsleyBased on and、Green leaves well to suppress hagumiMangoAndBananaUse、Blood smooth effects of polyphenols in the its baseAppleSuitable for recovery and fatigue summer tired anti with aspartic acidPEAR、Rich in vitamin C and are suitable for skinKiwi fruitMix and、The strongest health drink! To be well received in、Small children were puzzled at vegetable color first、Take a SIP and、Much more to be desired! The (happy) whats we teach recipes to your mother、Very pleased a simple Smoothie!


"Special green smoothies.

Ingredients (serves 2):2 bunch Greens、A pinch of parsley、Mango (small cut frozen ones) 6 pieces、1 banana、Apple 1 / 4、1 / 4、Kiwi fruit 1、Domestic honey 2 teaspoons (no available)、Delicious water 200 cc。(About green smoothies-

Glass、"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"And I'm more your giftRiedel-Tirolean glassworksOfPink Ribbon glass。And the Pink Ribbon (Pink ribbon)、Correct knowledge of breast cancer spread、And to promote early screening for breast cancerDone world-wide awareness campaign。Or that symbol is。Some of the proceeds from sales (goods) to "smile Fund" of the Japan Cancer SocietyWhat can be donated up to、Even Riedel-Tirolean glassworksAre being actively addressed in the pink ribbon campaign。This time the、Wearing a pale pink color of thisIn a cute pink ribbon glassDelicious and healthy drink you enjoy!


1317:00 am toUp and sneak preview for a limited time but thank you very much、Many people far beyond the expected visitors to、We are extremely pleased。Less staff to guide the first time than you think、That is a shame and person and one person alone could not talk about slowly slowly、In our survey we have a lot of Nice words! Thank you so much! Based on a review of today tomorrow、We are looking forward to that you can send visitors with pleasant fun atmosphere!







"Abundance ア ボ ン ド ン ス"And it's cakes

Pleased to please whats the difference a lot of visitors! (I) the、Blue cake shop located in Sumiyoshi Kaido "Abundance ア ボ ン ド ン ス"And I'm the cake。With seasonal fresh fruit and、And until the cake of classic lines and beautiful! Become a sneak preview at the end、Including staff、From a distance with your friends will benefit from helpful! Thank you for your thoughtfulness! In addition to、Because it's tiny suites still have、Would like us to arrive tomorrow with。Afternoon snack time、Please come to model it!


Blister and Japanese restaurant paradise premium 200 g 920 Yen、Carmen farm 200 g 980 yen

Along with the cake we insert、Fukuroi home roasting coffee roaster "Blister and Japanese restaurant"And it's roasting will be brewed hot coffee。Blister and Japanese restaurant I of the new beans of the month click here、Has become a higher coffee flavor and aroma。Will tomorrow be provided so、Would you like to try by all means.


Carmen farm 200 g 980 yen

まめやかふぇ店主であるハマちゃんこと濱小路 Rende氏お勧めの今月新入荷珈琲豆はこちら原産国はパナマコスタリカから陸路で国境を超え車を走らせること約1時間でボルカン村へ到着町外れにあるパソアンチャ渓谷にカルメン農園はあります標高1700mからの眺めは大自然に囲まれたとても素晴らしい景観ですこの農園は“ベスト オブ パナマ”や“パナマ オークション”など数々の品評会において多くの受賞歴がある名門農園です。Also seeking coexistence with the natural environment、International nature protection organizations further consideration in the working environment "Rainforest Alliance" certified farms.。オススメ焙煎は中煎り、A rich sweet and sour、コクとボディのバランスの良い軽い飲み口の美味しいマイルドコーヒーです♪


内覧会は、Tomorrow7Day (Sunday)Also1317:00 am toまで開催しておりますのでマンションリノベーションや無垢素材の木の住まいまた北欧家具に興味のある方などのお越しを心よりお待ちしております♪


Date and time:2014/9/6(Sat.)、9/7(日)の2日【13時~17時】Until held
Location:浜松市中区幸3丁目14-13 パークビュー四ツ池407号室
( * at the entrance of the room number407を押しCallPlease press the button )
Award:An effective natural skinOriginal green SmoothieAvailable

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