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"THE HOUSE AINO the House Aino' , 'THE ESTREAL estriol"、"ospiTare BY BROOKLYN L'Hospitalet by Brooklyn"City's group operated、The Entetsu busTamachi Center Street bus stopTo expand a new shop、Providing a relaxing aromatic coffee with Cafe 'Coffee House Brooklyn"2014August 29 (Fri)A has been opened! Shop for the remains of the Showa era nostalgia feel of glass showcase where the brick-brick style tiles and white and green awnings (blinds)。Sticking to the aromatic coffee、As recommended in the French press coffee、Hamburger and curry rice、Started a meal of noodles.、Prepare light snacks such as sandwiches, waffles、Through business and further to sweep such as cakes and parfaits are provided.


Shop、1-Provides up to 3rd floor、1Floor and the second floor is equipped with sofa seating、The atmosphere felt quiet beauty and main street in the city、Cozy is good。1On the floor、Established magazines and newspapers such as bookshelves、Is designed for salaried people to rest easily.


2Provide a color scheme with a warm floor also comfortable sofa seats with dug kotatsu formula available to about 10。2On the Bookshelf on the floor、Magazines centered on fashion magazines, such as to enhance、And is accessible alone for hours!


3The floor、And provide a terrace enjoy the sense of spaciousness in the roof-top terrace with awning、Wang CHAN, for it is possible to take in pets。Guests wishing to smoke is OK is on the 3rd floor is likely.


Here you will、Each table in order on the iPad、Can you order and understand in the photo menu。Staff at busy times I of 2 would instantly attention difficult-to 3rd floor、It seems that is pleasing this service。While leaving the coffee shop was、High-tech business style。May be changing along with the trend of the times coffee shop should be.


Hamburger rice 800 yen

Order a popular menu of mouth-watering savory grilling hamburger rice。Hamburger steak、Rice、Salad、It is a plate of boiled eggs。Surface is brown with burnt crispy hamburger style and will be at the source of!


'Curry' 680 Yen

The thing with this coffee-friendly Curry。Smooth and finished in spicy or mild Curry。With a boiled egg in here!


Be active as Manager in L'HospitaletMatsuno, s. s.-Kun、Instead of wearing a tie to L'Hospitalet, this rise has reigned as the master (lol):、Unbuttoned shirt、As I pour the coffee in a nice relaxed style gesture has a fixed hard!See our French press coffee drinking by all means, see you soon! 」And、Recommend me、Whats making it immediately!


"Coffee (French press) 540 Yen

Recommend aromatic BREW in the French press coffee。French press methodAnd the、Instead of using the filter paper or Panel、Ground coffee beans using a dedicated detection equipment、How to extract the metal filters strain by pouring hot water is。Its characteristics are、Can extract more flavor ingredient in coffee oil、The taste of the beans themselves reflected in the direct、Suitable for extraction of high-quality beans。The fragrance and flavor of the coffee beans、It is contained in bean oil from。Selection of coffee beans to get here、Compared to a typical coffee、Richness and acidity increases、Provided with the aromatic flavours of fine coffee.。You can taste with coffee oils and fine sense of French press coffee。And you can enjoy savoring the taste and aroma of the coffee cup。So long with plenty of take 2 servings、There is a great, reasonably priced。Many tea places in the city to seek、Such arrangements to make use of、Ensconced in through open space is the best! Matsuno-Kun、Good luck!! I will come again!

Coffee House Brooklyn
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 330-22 TEL:053-454-1212
Hours of operation:11:00-22:00(Open every day)

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 330-22

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