Delicious pasta with seasonal vegetables with wine


When I go out to eat Italian、Strange and strange because the desire to create pasta springs even at home。But、When it comes to making it with what's in the refrigerator,、Flounder is important, right?。There's red wine available tonight.、I want to eat pasta of the tomato system firmly.、I thought.。Pasta is "shrimp and pork ragout tomato sauce ringine"。The sauce is still the decider for pasta.、Without the taste of the base、Because it becomes a pea taste、I want to make it without any trouble.。Sweetened with tomato sauce、I also like the taste for children.、My other is not good at sweetness.。Let's finish it in adult tomato sauce.。I ate a bite and said, "Yes! Delicious! I'm really happy with this unflattering one.。


This is following the purple asparagus of the other day.、Of Fukuroi "AnelloIt is a splendid Nagano prefecture white asparagus received from Yoshikuni-kun。You are the happiest person to have such a splendid seasonal vegetable at home rice.。In order to taste the texture and freshness of white asparagus, I made it "Orandez sauce of white asparagus"。This source、It's super easy.、It also go well with other vegetables.、It is delicious even if I put it on bread and eat it.。What is the recipe?、Pour about 50cc of milk into 1 egg yolk and mix。Prepare 10g of melted butter、White wine、Salt、Black pepper、Honey、Season with a little lemon juice、Just lightly put it on low heat and put out the ass.。After、Just put it on the asparagus, which is boiled salt and sautéed in olive oil.。Right or wrong、Give it a try.。


The bread "CasselWarm the olive bread and garlic France in the oven、I attached it to the sauce and had it deliciously.。


Today's wine Patriarch Pinot Noir 2011
"Winehouse niimiMr. 's reasonable daily wine。With moderate astringency and lightness、It is a wine with a high CP that balances ease of drinking and drinking response.。

Boulangerie Cassel
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku tomizuka-Cho 1088 TEL:053-473-7606
Hours of operation 7:00-18:00 Closed on Mondays:On Sundays、Monday

Winehouse niimi
Hamamatsu City, Yamanote Cho 33-23 TEL:053-454-5668
Hours of operation 9:30-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Holidays

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