Wine boutique Hairbow Ono and his wife invited to my house new annual meeting 2014


Sanarudai head office and、Set up sister pre-leaf walk in "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER wine boutique Pannier"Is it's owner Ono and his wife invited to my house, held the party as a new year's Party! "Food is provided at the site.." and before the full course menu will give Ono and his wife "but、Leave the wine! "and gave us offers a number of very good wine! (My joy) in Champagne "thank you again this year!" of is cheers along with the greeting.

"Henri de Vorgan sea champagne Grand, Cru, grade,"Cuvée elegance", Blanc de, Blanc, ultra limited edition, R.M, producer 元詰, kuradashi products"

Rather hard to find, great attention and a champagne lover、Only 500-2000 this annual super rare stuff only! What is one of the Grand Cru Champagne grade 17、Ogier's carefully especially beautiful 100% Grand Cru (100% Chardonnay) Grand Cru Ogier parcels parcels-only 100% Chardonnay。Blended with carefully selected to head Henri-Pascal 10 years ' worth of vintage wines, built exactly with the ultimate Grand Cru Blanc de Blanc champagne! The other day、Pannier, Henri Pascal while listening to when he visited Mr. taste、Whats in a very relaxed atmosphere.


Appetizers "with anchovy sauce shrimp and avocado salad with tomatoes and Buffalo mozzarella Caprese.

Shrimp, lightly salt & pepper and、Sauteed with garlic。Layer avocados when mixed with mayonnaise, and paste、Arrange shapes on small Cercle。Then put the sauce made with anchovy and whipped cream on the、If 盛ri付kereba shrimp and wasabi Greens is completed.。Use our Caprese mozzarella mozzarella Santa Cristina。Is the sweetness of the milk.、Is characterized by fresh, smooth texture。C'mon both use fresh basil and basil pesto.



Green olives

It bought olive, are looking so far、Was on the culinary realm magazine "La Rocca" of olives and two net buying I tried。Firmly has a large, thick texture and sweet taste a little modest, type。Tasting salt is modest both in firmness as's Favorites in good enough to rank!




Batard mikatagahara on holiday Monday near turned out to holidays (sweat) buy both rest mine Emma, I love and I "pandnoel" the farmer's market with natural yeast rye and Walnut bread.


Ono, listening to the scene can set the following wine。House a sommelier who is luxury.、Really! Baking with a sommelier knife, like a gigantic but I'll take a picture and、I missed a chance because the gesture is too smart a sleight (lol)


Embarrassed of what、Distillation of wine talk in front of people without offense swill like Ono (lol) here and treat、To put it more politely、And while grasping the humor about wine。And、To nod Yes and gentle smile, Noriko。2 people really love the wine and food society、Each time giving a very good stimulus!


"Marina tsvetich Trebbiano d'Abruzzo 2009 Masciarelli "Italy white

Abruzzo wine famous worldwide, the award was established by Gianni masciarelli said。He died when after、Marina tsvetich's wife inherited her husband's dying wishes。The name of his wife is given to wine。Dear wife named wine is created by Gianni masciarelli said ago!、What a nice story!。Is this Trebbiano、White wine masciarelli times highest award earned in Italy wine guides, such as that "Gambero Rosso" or "demiravini"?。Peach or pear、Apple、The sweet smell of ripe pineapple and other fruit and honey and derive a mysterious aged oak scent、Condensed flavor and density of dark flavor。Seems to be Trebbiano drinkability is not in a good way、It is very feel meet the drinking wine!


Soup "burdock soup.

That is no different than making potato soup and why it is、Burdock is a human effort-including 灰汁抜ki、It takes time。Points are by burdock root was 灰汁抜ki with lots of onion and FRY firmly squeeze every cent sweetness。Here too European-style dashi is a necessity。At least put the dashi and rely less on salt、While little taste of vegetables so you can enjoy the flavor concentrated.


Pasta with mushroom torjufukuli - me spaghetti summer truffle

Pasta is also in charge of her husband。Because of seeking a more delicious pasta I have dabbled in truffles! Consultation with our household with net buying, summer truffle。Try open... Unfortunately most-I'm so much flavored Nori (laughs) wine is、These things are really proportionate to their value! (Study、Studying! ) The husband himself can not consenting seemed to be、Probably、That would make a more delicious pasta next time on the strength of the spirit he will!


Fish "fried cod Milt part cadiff、Chrysanthemum and potato sauce.

Previous、Favorite Italian in Nagoya "La vena del legno la vena del renno"Is it in us" part Cardiff wrapped cod Milt Grill、Served with Braised cabbage、Pernod with basil sauce "" because it was too shocking to delicious、Arrangements and imitating girl for me so far、Her husband very popular! Most delicious food ever! It seems (laughs) to cook mouth may fly not from her husband、So often there is always criticism to be happy?! by renno was basil sauce、We generally get the Basil in the winter、I like colorful seasonal ones and I、I tried to source potatoes with chrysanthemum。And even cod Milt, arranged in looks like a croquette is so delicious、Just change the source various arrangements, it is fun! Still buying NET Pate a kadaif rolled you have so much (laughs) Oh yes、Recently website renno's husband let renewed new! Please take a look at it please!


Lucy Margaux Domaine Lucci red 2012 Australia Red

Appeared in a somewhat unique etiquette! Attract attention in Australia "the natural-wine-theory" guru、Mr Anton Van Cropper、2002年に妻のサリーと娘のルーシー マルゴーと共にアデレード ヒルズのチェリー果樹園を購入し自らのワイナリーを立ち上 げワイナリー名は娘の名前を取り「ルーシー マルゴー」と名付けますアントン氏の娘ルーシー マルゴーちゃんは大の日本贔屓でパフュームの大ファンなんだとか!そんな娘さんが初音ミクをイメージして描いたと噂されている画をエチケットにしたワイン(可愛い!)遊び心と家族愛に溢れたユニークなエチケットと生産数の少なさから希少価値の高いワインとなっているそうです!サンジョヴェーゼ・ピノ ノワール・カベルネ フラン・メルロのブレンド。500リットルの大樽で一切の添加物を加えずに生まれたワイン溢れる果実の味わいが魅力的で危険な程に飲み易いワインです♪


小野さんの美しいサーブ姿ワインを見る目が愛おしそうに感じるのはわたしだけでしょうか?(笑)今回もグラスを持参してくれたのですが赤ワインの時にお出ましになったこのグラス本当に素敵!明治43年創業の「木村硝子店」さんが伝統的なワイングラスのデザインを基本に食の現場で活躍しているソムリエ、Chef、支配人たちのリクエストを取り入れながらデザインされたグラス 「セ・シ・ボン 26ozワイン」流線的な美しくグラマラスなフォルムを1つ1つ手吹きで仕上げる職人業!スッと手にフィットしとても軽くグラスからふくよかな香りが広がり飲み口は滑らか少々値が張りますがこういうグラスで飲むとまたグッとワインの良さを知ることができますね!お粗相しなくて安心しました(笑)



今回はマグレさんをネットで入手レンニョの内田シェフから「火を入れ過ぎると硬くなりますから要注意ですよ!」と言われていましたのでいつもの如く炊飯器の低温調理した後に皮面を今一度ローストすることにしました前日に塩とタイムで寝かしたマグレを全面軽くソテーしジップロックでソースと一緒に真空パック状態にし炊飯器へジップロック内のソースは年始に実家の「Ministry of food Bong」でもらってきた”うなぎのタレ”に赤ワインを同量入れ水で好みの濃さまで薄め、Sauteed Onions、Celery、Garlic、Laurier、I put the time! Keep it warm for 30 minutes。Apply honey to the skin surface, and finish up with stone ware roaster。On the side、Spring takes on Greens and asparagus flowers、Choy 赤蕪。Source adds a fine comb in the mixer。But I think what made it for the first time tried the duck、I want next time 仕上geeu more moist and delicious!


When finished the meal was for wine after a meal。Champagne from the beginning total。Is that a full course of wine!

"Medusa and old vine Zinfandel, California 2008" Australia Red

A brand dedicated to the old Zinfandel vines、Medusa。In California, the most cultivated since ancient times the Zinfandel has interests、The old vine on the concept。By their local grower is the old 60-can pick up much of the 80-year old Zinfandel、Napa Valley、Mendocino County、Has produced wine from the single vineyards in Amador County。Medusa with snakes are gnarled and twisted old Zinfandel vines come Greece myths, and from that、Named name。In Greece, Medusa, "guardian、Parents ' that means that、It also wants continued this great vineyard to the Medusa that put。Motif of twisted trees carved into the bottle is lovely! It is dense, rich、While enjoying the sweet as wine after a meal of delicious 味waemashita!


"5 year aged Parmigiano-Reggiano and currant"

Parmigiano-Reggiano purchased in Italy soon come to an end may、New 3 year aged Parmigiano Reggiano 1 kg bought Internet tried to。I hope it is also delicious!


Dessert "Strawberry custard pie with vanilla ice cream.

Feel free to make frozen pie in suites series。Pie cut in stick size up in 200 ° C oven for 15 minutes or so。Granulated sugar with powder sugar over and again to the oven。Crispy! and pies made with homemade custard and put、Put sliced strawberries (akihime)、If 振ri掛kereba powdered sugar at the end is finished! It's easy to eat and be eaten by hand size so dangerous (lol)



Coffee after a meal。Cup found it in a bargain。4Cup each personality are different because、New year's Party started the evening I want to without clipping without breaking (lol)、And slowly and enjoying the full-course dinner and wine course、It is while he! That was (surprise) it's just delicious and fun time! Ono-San、YUI Makiko、Thanks for everything! To wake Board again this year to enjoy also! ~!

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