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Enjoy Soba with Nakajima Soba "buckwheat noodle house Ōmori"


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Was too much for lunch、The owner looks behind the curtain、It is Mr. Omori's smile。In Buri came to the end of the year while perhaps Buri visit。Have to Nakashima 'Soba House counterweights"。Go into a store and see you! Long time!?! "And in a cheerful voice call me from happy!。"Yesterday、This was rumor! Really! "Is that so、Had me rumors from、Feet naturally come up in it? Counter also room in regular customers here and there。We also always counter to sit。When、Through goodwill's familiar face。"Oh、IIDA-San、Been a while ~ ♪ "。And buckwheat in the happy born regular customers through relationship。


10Room's name and a lovely shop of old couples get together only about 4 people 腰掛kereru。For us, not the local people、2 people like MOM and Dad in Hamamatsu。Always innocent conversations "recently if so? "From the beginning、That has worried in a good way、I'm a be。

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Omori's own Soba Dojo is open、That has brought many students from one teaching。Hopefully my brother comes to、Every day I think。And of course consult with its、Welcome from Mr. Omori, who cares。


First of all, "Tempura" 700 yen.。Will his wife Mieko, carefully fried Tempura with green tea salt。Feel the spring Greens and butterbur、Japanese ginger to mushrooms、Shrimp in pumpkin。


As usual in "eat compared" my boyfriend to order 1,000 yen。This took the Peel Seiro、Use the native maruoka, Fukui Prefecture。The Seiro、Feel the sweetness in the color bright green, very tasty。


The countryside near、Used by Hitachi-fall。Here is、In the ground, feel thicker taste of buckwheat。yes、Delicious。The salt、Also delicious。


It was a bit chilly today、Hot Soba and wanted "especialy half" received 400 Yen。Soup with bite、In the mouth Shiho was stiff。After that、By one Act, long flowing。


Pouring a Soba with plenty of juice left、Phew-I and take a break、This time happy。Visit from the soup and Soba is good for this moment.。Towels.、In Hamamatsu。Soon、In entering the new breed of lamina、Also new buckwheat 仕上gereru how delicious on their own or as not fun。Mr. Omori、Ms. Mieko、Also make a call I get.

Sobaya Omori
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Nakajima 1-31-1 TEL:053-463-2879
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 Closed on Mondays:Moon、Tuesday (night reservation)

1-31 -1 Nakajima, Naka-ku Hamamatsu-Shi

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Delicious pasta with seasonal vegetables with wine In the hirosawa sample comme Bonjour French lunch.
Delicious pasta with seasonal vegetables with wine
In the hirosawa sample comme Bonjour French lunch.


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