The home party a big success! Dishes and 3 homemade pickle recipe


Keep prepared for parties、Introduction to dishes perfect for the wine that can be served immediately on the third、Is the "Pickles"。With a sour taste and refreshing、Resting between the dish and put a very、So vegetables is recommended.

Materials for homemade pickles

It is OK on part time seasonal vegetables, etc.。This time the、Lotus root、Celery、Daikon radish、Carrot、赤蕪、Red bell pepper、Yellow pepper、Cucumber、Using cauliflower。* Cut all vegetables are bite-sized.。Uniform length and stick on the appearance。

Pickling solution

Water 500 cc、Salt 20 g、Granulated sugar 30 g、60 ml white vinegar、Garlic 半片、Italy red pepper 2 (peperoncinipiccoli)、1 bay leaf、Time (pinch dried thyme) * like my house is like Sweet Pickles sweet less because。


Pickling liquid ingredients, put in a small saucepan boil。That was one special pickling solution、In a large bowl ice water will cool upholstered。


Vegetables for color matching、Lets under whip and boiling in the pot once the salt got shocked。After the vegetables are drained in a colander、Kitchen paper on Chile Farmville water。


Full, lay it in the refrigerator, in a boiled bottle into the pickle liquid and vegetables。1Served with pickles about if it soaks。2-Bath and after 3 days、For more salty?、You might keep in mind how much can eat in a few days.


Homemade pickles

9Is filled with colorful kind of homemade pickles。If pickles、Guests can enjoy the crisp crunchy vegetables。Either Japanese or Western-style suits and、Rely on alcohol is also perfect!

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