The home party a big success! Hospitality cooking part 2 recipes of delicious chicken liver paste


Keep prepared for parties、Introduction to dishes perfect for the wine that can be served immediately on the 2nd、"Delicious chicken liver paste.。Lever is a little weak, but I say to those who want to eat by all means for the health。Especially if my husband (laughs) chicken liver and habit of at least just、Great with red wine is still a slider!

Delicious chicken liver paste material (5.5 cm pot roast 6 minutes)

Delicious chicken liver 430 g、Milk as needed、1 clove garlic、Olive oil as needed、1 bay leaf、Sage (a pinch of dried Sage)
Onion half-pieces、Celery 10 cm、Brandy as needed (using the DOMPIERRE V.S.O)、Red wine (use alfazeta C corvina) dosage
European-style dashi 1 capsule (use the four seasons 彩々 skyward)、(Using the style tree buds pickles SO capers) 1 tablespoon of pickled capers
Butter 10 g、Salt as needed、Black pepper as needed、To accompany the pink paper (using GABAN Gabin)


First of all、As much as possible please buy fresh lever。This time the、We provide brand chicken of delicious chicken liver。Only levers、So take one night of fishy smell neat under、Would be good to prepare the day before about the party and。




Lever continue to blood without focusing on narrow Bowl in cold water。So come muddy water in the Bowl、We changed occasionally throw water。Discard water after Red 濁ranaku when、And check out the rest of the muscle and fat、If you like Strip。And put in the Bowl、And cover up the milk、Overnight in the refrigerator 寝kasemashou。The next day、Leave in the colander Bowl、Lightly rinse the milk with water、And water on the wax paper. kari取rimashou。Put the garlic slices in olive oil in a frying pan、Make the garlic oil on low heat。And onion.、Put celery、Shin at least until a sweet stir fry。And put the lever there after a light salt & pepper、炒memashou put the Bay leaves and Sage。




Turns the color of a lever、Brandy from the edge of the Pan 1 pass、Red wine 2 turning the。Simmer while skipping alcohol。




And blocked、Put European stock、Bring to boil once, then turned on until the water lapping。After boiling the lye with rake、We boiled down to some extent water。Sauce off the heat in a place filled with、Pickled capers, let's take the heat。And put in a food processor、Adjust in the process that is smooth in salt & pepper final taste。And finally increase in butter flavor、Let's finish with a feeling of mild and rich liver paste。


Delicious chicken liver paste

5.5take is completed a 6 cm pot roast。Shelf life is about one week in the refrigerator。If cryonics works with little save。So goes black in color over time、Along with pink paper before eating and to give better。You can order with a baguette or crackers,。Iron is important to women.

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