In rural areas "brodleben" stop horsing around and meet the goats Bakery Café

On the Cho is in Hamamatsu's peaceful pastoral scenery, lush, mountainous countryside、"Brot Lieben" at the bakery and café where healing goats welcome youBroughtley BenTo "Miyakoda store"!

Here is、2000In September 2008, he became independent as a bakery of "Brot Lieben Wako Store"、2013In October 2008, we opened our second Store in Miyakoda.、at the same time as the sale of bread、As a café, there is a space where eat-in is possible.、The operation has been extended!

"Brot Lieben" means "love bread" in German.。
Freshly baked peace of mind every morning、More than 100 safe handmade breads are provided、And the hard system of the deep-rooted popularity、Beginning with the meal system such as bread and pandomey、Confectionery bread and side dish bread with seasonal fruits and vegetables are also popular!

In the garden where the parking lot is located、Small cabin installed、As a signboard goat, "Mother goat "Yakko" and child's "San-chan" are welcomed with a calm expression♪
Because it is a day of severe heat、The goats don't even get out of the hut.、I'm squinting and lying limply.。
The expression is gentle、I feel healed just by looking at the state while resting♪

The original、Long-time chestnut trees, kashiwa trees, and many herbs and flowers are planted.、The garden full of greenery is also improved little by little by hand、By creating a comfortable space、Catch the hearts of female customers!

To make it enjoyed by customers with wanko、Free dog run is also set up、There is also a wood deck terrace and dog-only rooms.、It is a nice service for families with dog♪

On this day、Order "Beef Stew Set" 1,300 yen and "Tomato Curry Set" 1,300 yen from the lunch set of the café menu!
The inside of the store was cool with air conditioning.、To the terrace seat where the scenery is pleasant!

Water and hand wipes、Cutlery is a style of self-service preparation of what is prepared in the store!

In both sets、One plate with colorful salad and freshly baked handmade bread every morning、This time, "thick sliced bread"、Butter roll、You can get "2000 bread"。
There is also a toaster in the store.、If you want warm bread, you should use it by yourself♪

You can also see the figure of the dog running around energetic on the turf of the dog run and the free-range cat strolling with a drink。
If you look around,、Blessed with greenery、People live a quiet life and peaceful scenery。
At lunchtime while surrounded by such healing space、Please forget the restless daily、It made me smile♪

The next time you visit,、I would be happy if I could see the smiling smiles of goats "Yakko" and "San-chan♪

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