"The LALU" Tour The LALU Memorial Museum was carved of Sun Moon Lake


Sun Moon LakeOf standing on the shore "The LALU"The
"THE LALU Memorial Museum"Are adjacent、"THE LALU"The history is inscribed.


Reception staff speak JapanVincent HuangTo be guided! (Xie Xie! )
On the stone wall at the entrance、"THE LALU Memorial Museum"And about famous people who visited the Bills、
Various celebrities have this "THE LALU"Footsteps came to leave.


Take off your shoes in the hotel and more。
The former President in the entranceChiang Kai-shekOf and decorated with black and white photos、
Spacious has exhibits and photos!


Chiang Kai-shekStaff are deployed furniture were being used, such as、
Sun Moon LakeWho lovedGeneralissimo Chiang Kai-shekIn the history.


The Museum entrance on your right、
You might enjoy slowly because the rest is also provided.


Numerous famous people "THE LALU"Visit。


"THE LALU"The、JapaneseSun Moon LakeThe Japan rule age had developed hydro power plant、
In JapaneseItoTo build the Recreation Center's、1916Is the beginning built a hut Larue peninsula in the current year (0/1916)。
Of the nativesThao tribeIn that area and、Gathered attention in construction of hydroelectric power plants.、
Japan rule age is known as a tourist attraction、
"THE LALU"That was used as a Japanese officials favored retreats。
But TaiwanRepublic of ChinaBecome "THE LALU"The、
Sun Moon LakeWho lovedGeneralissimo Chiang Kai-shekThe used as a summer house、
After that、Village forest Group CEOLai Chang-yiAnd then get the right、
Over about five years, and renovation、2002In March,
"The LALU"As a play to open long-awaited。


Yet "Lalu Island"The nativesThao tribeSituation at the time was living in。


Of the nativesThao tribeLook with a pestle。
The Act of attaching a pestle、Thao tribeThe is one of the characteristics of culture、
Music and dance played in the mortar and pestle is stillSun Moon LakeOf becoming famous!


"THE LALU"And celebrities visited the trails。
In 1923, Prince was visiting from Japan、"THE LALU"The restructuring has been。


This region is、1999On September 21, "921Chichi earthquake"By that I suffered from tremendous damage、
Is designated as national park was voted the budget for reconstruction and revival plays。
"THE LALU Memorial Museum"The、Sun Moon LakeTo the Standing
"The LALU"The Museum can learn about history, and thus、
You would definitely want to visit legs!

Location:No. 142, Zhongxing Rd, Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
TEL: 049-285-5311

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