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Cruising enjoy the spectacular views from the lake aboard the pleasure boat of the Sun Moon Lake!



Sun Moon LakeTo if you come、By all means embark on cruise ships、
We recommend to enjoy spectacular views of the Lake.


Become a starting point for a boatWater company Ferry PierThe、Crowded with many tourists.


Water company Ferry PierThe cruise ship tickets to buy at the ticket office。
Many cruise shipsWater company、Syuanguang Temple、ITA ThaoThe order around the pier、Enjoy sightseeing and then disembark at each pier、
Water company Ferry PierThe course comes back, and.


Sun Moon Lake boatOf tickets、1Day rides in300TWD (Japan 1080 yen)And at a cheap price、
Water company、Syuanguang Temple、ITA ThaoThe hop on and off at three berths would be free。
Got a ticket for unlimited rides、Arms will press the timestamp of the free passes!


This time "The LALU"The PR ManagerJennie KuoTo introduce、
Taiwan government.The volunteer staffCynthia Liu.
In Japan, could you please guide! Xie Xie、Nishiki-Kasumi-San!


Water company Ferry PierThe area is filled、Tianjin Center found many shops and cafes.


Water company Ferry PierThe cross anchored at Pier、Let's embark!


From the pier、And seen many ships at the majestic view from the pier is great!


On the right hand red and yellow colorful boat!


Aboard the ship、Feet carefully because the crew and boats.


On the Board、The announcement of the Mandarin Chinese will be implemented、
We will charge Japan GuideCynthia LiuIs it of a guide。
Cynthia LiuMr. a、At your age of 69-year-old be 70 years old next year.、
Look his age of 50-somethings, but look like!
Cynthia LiuAnd I, and retired last year as had been a pharmacist、
Now it's about 3 days a week、Has been volunteering as a guide in Japan is very good at is great!




There's speed than you think、Comfortable slip will wind the cheek!


Blink of an eyeWater company Ferry PierThe after!


Hotel "The LALU"Can also be viewed from the Lake side!


"Lalu Island"


Lake in the sky was deep blue and light blue colors are very beautiful、
Clean and cool waves splash!


In this airy presence is by all means invite you!


"Lalu Island"InSyuanguang TempleFor a berthing place until、
Is a scenic time of approximately 10 minutes。
Syuanguang TempleAndCI en-Lai TowerTo go and get off here!


Syuanguang TempleOf from a berthing place、ITA Thao, Ferry PierTo and is a departure.


While many cruise ships pass、
Tourists who have been on board falling out smiling, will greet you.


WeITA ThaoThe landing at anchorage、
Sun Moon LakeContinue to the vantage point overlooking the ropeway.

Shizuoka Prefecture West Center packed with information on gourmet restaurants in Tokyo, Nagoya and overseas!
Food log version caches to currently provides information on gourmet restaurants in more than 700。
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"The LALU" Tour The LALU Memorial Museum was carved of Sun Moon Lake Explore the old town in the Sun Moon Lake's ITA Thao on head! Recommend products Assam tea!
"The LALU" Tour The LALU Memorial Museum was carved of Sun Moon Lake
Explore the old town in the Sun Moon Lake's ITA Thao on head! Recommend products Assam tea!


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