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Danshuei resort hotel "Fullon Hotel" "Chef A-Ji dimsum restaurant" Authentic Hong Kong dim sum lunch



Located in Pier fishing in freshwater、Resort hotel adjacent to the freshwater estuary
"Fullon Hotel Danshuei Fishermen’s Wharf"The、
Executive ChefY.C.Chengis
China Division Chef from Hong Kong S.A.R.Chen Tin banSuch as leading chefs including
Offering authentic Hong Kong S.A.R. style dim sum Chinese restaurant "Chef A-Ji dimsum restaurant' There!


Taiwan's famous Executive ChefY.C.ChengPhoto around! (Xie Xie! )


The restaurant provides the spacious main dining room、
Are lively and bustling with tourists and families.


Table fresh piping hot Dim sum is carried by wagon from next is come!
Executive Chef so bright and funY.C.Cheng
TV cooking shows and lectures、And writing a widely active。
Executive Chef entertainerY.C.Chengis、
Us voluntarily goes with wagon service、Was welcomed very warmly.


Executive ChefY.C.ChengPeople are holding their Dim sum special、"Itadakimasu" of cheers!
If family members or friends and fun to eat dim sum Hong Kong S.A.R. style is the best!


Ming shrimp 韭 vegetable dumpling (shumai shrimp and Leek)


Shrimp dumplings


Squid balls


Wong Kim flow sand inclusions (custard bun)


Baked pastry bun


Sun Cheung shrimp (shrimp rice roll)


Crispy baked chicken


Pumpkin seafood tofu stew



Sauteed sweet potato leaves


Using the noodles kneaded into egg "Braised beef noodle"That and freshwater specialties!
This is usually、Not eat only your room "Braised beef noodle"But it is、Chef special at the restaurant provided us! Xie Xie!
Those interested should try order in room service.


At the end of the Executive ChefY.C.ChengAndZhong Yi gardenPhoto around a chef!
All of the Inn、Thank you ♪ (Xie Xie、Landlord.)

Fullon Hotel Danshuei Fishermen’s Wharf
Location:No. 83, Guanhai Rd, Tamsui District, New Taipei City

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