Danshuei resort hotel "Fullon Hotel" Introduce the Ocean View Honeymoon Suite!


Located in Pier fishing in freshwater、Resort hotel adjacent to the freshwater estuary
"Fullon Hotel Danshuei Fishermen’s Wharf"The、All 198 rooms 9 type is available with、
Room 817, at this time tours
"Sea View Honeymoon"And、
We visited the suite of the popular couple.


Separated living room and bedroom、
A space filled with restless spread the tenderness of wood、Approx. 89 m² (27 square meters) next、
Spacious with pride、Guests can enjoy a very pleasant stay.


In the kitchen、Equipped with sinks and IH cooking heater、
Is fully equipped and spacious mini!


A window has a tatami room、
Guests can enjoy tea while enjoying views of the water.


Provides a unique corner suite has a spacious balcony、
Equipped with an outdoor Jacuzzi.


Except the Sun and enjoy the view from the outdoor space is available for、
Boasts a great location to enjoy the sunset view of the freshwater in a couple.


From the veranda with magnificent sea views、Guests can relax quietly enriched!


Bedroom becomes a bed King size (200 x 200)、
Sofa with Ottoman set in the window、Provides relaxing and leisurely relaxation.


The chic and modern marble bathrooms、With spacious size of bathtubs
Provides independent shower booth and bidet toilet。
Hotel、Is equipped with springing fine golden bijin no Yu hot spring facilities、
In the paste acid Springs containing salt spring spring quality、
Invites the tired in the hot spring is good for curing and beauty!


Couple without any outsiders or families can enjoy seaside resort、
And enjoy your vacation!

Fullon Hotel Danshuei Fishermen’s Wharf
Location:No. 83, Guanhai Rd, Tamsui District, New Taipei City

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