Beitou hot springs "Villa32" retreat-like private resort hotel


With Taiwan hot springs in Beitou geothermal natural hot springs retreat
Private feeling Beitou resort hotel "Villa32"。
Of the founderMing-Hong ChiuTheir design and、Combining elements of "spring, tree, trees, stone"、
Lush offers a relaxing space。
In 2004, will open、That was initially operated as a members-only hotel、
Now open to the public and、Known as a high-end resort hotels in Beitou.


Pass through the entrance and、Spread's lush green interior、
Mind atmosphere loose unleashed。
"Villa32"That is not just a hotel as、
Got a concept such as "hideaway"、Private sense of、
Is operated under the spirit of pursuing the best facility from service。
To provide the best experience to guests、Owned by just 5 guest rooms、
Decorated in a unique style each sticking with。
Just、The 4/2016 visited、3 rooms 5 rooms in
But it was impossible to visit the room in the Middle has been renewed、
Has been renewed now.


In the spacious、At the front lobby and guest space。
This time the、For using the hot spring baths、At the front counter reception goes.

[Big bath charges]
On weekdays:1,680TWD (Japan Yen:Around 6050 yen) / 1Number of people
Holiday:Soil、Day、Holidays TWD 2200 (Japan Yen:About 7920 yen) / 1Number of people
* Time is 4 hours and、Admission is as long as one。


Front lobby filled with restless。


"Villa32"Of all dining"The Restaurant"Now、
Traditional Italian cuisine with Taiwan speciality food ingredients。
The number of seats is 80 seats and、10-12 offers three private rooms are available.


Restaurant serves a breakfast、
Can be used for tea and dessert。
Sounds of birds chirping and falls under the umbrella of comfortable feeling、
Guests can relax in peace and quiet.


"Villa32"The close relationship with owner
FriendsVanessa KaoThe introduction itadakimashita! (Xie Xie!)


Towards thermal bath building from the front.


For introducing the Manager、Received will greetings!


"Villa32"The get hot spring baths and bathing in the nude、
Men、Women and divided、2Weeks will be replaced once in。
By using the natural hot spring that springs to Beitou、Change the temperature、Bath public bath with each gauge 6 hot。
Nature is abundant public bath filled the openness、Frees up both mentally and physically。
I recommend back 42 times over the thick in、Immediately after you bathe your skin is moist and slick instantly!
And cools in the bath Chair、Will provide a thick bathrobes、
Enjoy bathing and cooling turns slowly、Guests can enjoy superb!


Relax and soak in the hot springs、And rejuvenate。
Around the side's beautiful Blue Sky at dusk attack、
Soothing harmony with nature and the cosy atmosphere.


To view the start is lit lighting and day and a different face、Moisturized and quiet sex appeal to、
Gives a unique view of the world.


All dining "The Restaurant"The cool down at the terrace。
And pleasant chirping of insects are.


And swell in the fresh juice and dry throat、
Get a sense we unwind body tension、Able to refresh all at once。
As Taiwan's famous spa area as well as local people、Japanese tourists popular Beitou。
This became the only spas、
I would stay next time I reopened the new rooms。
At the Beitou retreat-like private luxury Interior
"Villa32"In the recommended healing time.

Location:No. 32, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City

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