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Study on authentic Thailand dishes 'Thai Rattana Thailand trip report dinner Thailand



2010 June,In the Tieste 'Rattana"The、"Thai Rattana"Now open。”Rattana"And theCrystal ballOf that、”Rattana"TheCute womenMeans and。"Rattana"Is heavy on the Buddhist words because、Could not be used to serve liquor store"Rattana"In it was。The woman ownerNI palatMr. a、Sangam in the northern city of Chiang Mai from from the vane (Chiang Mai)、Rare in JapanChiang Mai foodSpecializes in the。Chiang Mai style sausage Siwa at her parent's home (round and round boobs and hoodlums hang around Chiang Mai sausage that) of because it was to a family business manufacturing and selling、Cock has made since I was a child so undoubtedly is of Siwa。The restaurant khundun NI palat, was once open in the city of Matsumoto、Popular stores so people come through from Tokyo over the weekend.。Have been away for a while、2009Since opening as a hobby in Thai festivals around、It got high popularity。Owner made a procession of famous shops from around the country gathered in Yokohama Thai festivals especially in more arms.。Shop、Table 10 seats、4 wall counter seats are small and、2Floor seats also available、Introduction to Japanese、NI palat, Thailand who your friends and other people, is a lively space so wide!


Tom Yam Kung (shrimp soup) small large 1500 Yen、Small 1000 yen

World top three soupsOf oneTom Yum Goong。Tom Yam paste and Baker (ginger), Takai (lemon grass), by by Mackle (Orange leaf) flavour and aroma.。Tom Yum Goong、There are a variety of styles by store、The Tom Yam Kung here、Is characterized by deep palate with intensity of flavor and the shrimp ROE and coconut milk。Not in Tom Yum Goong NI palat, especially of Japanese study、Naturally tomjakumkun。So I feel less like mild pain of her fragrant flavour with good acidity、I think it's very delicious Tom Yam Kung。辛目 favorite?、When ordering、Short"Have become 辛目 in! ”Is good and ask!

"Pad Thai (Thailand type noodles)" 900 yen

Fried noodles with sweet and spicy taste of a variety of flavors, such as tamarind Thailand。By using a slightly thicker rice noodles made of rice flour and make。The vermicelli rice flour、The texture is soft, distinctive curvy、Lightness and more cum and eat。"Swish"The 'FRY"、"Thailand"The 'Kingdom of Thailand"Means。Because it is often accompanied by raw leeks and bean sprouts、Your mixed Pad Thai taste、Entrees and raw in the Middle, eat and leave.。Because it can be served with lemon or lime、There to your liking, change of taste。Pad ThaiThe、In the Thailand cooking、In the mild flavor not quite spicy, so、It is easy to eat little children!


"Causey (Chiang Mai Curry noodles)" 900 yen

CauseyThe、Two kinds of fresh noodles and fried noodle noodles and thickCurry ramen noodlesIt is。Enjoy a taste of fried noodles and crunchy and a little soft eyes flat thick noodles、Fried noodles first curricula and texture often、In corn flakes and blend in the soup "and will" show、2Will feel the taste of the street。Chiang Mai's distinctive cuisine.、It is said originated was originally made by India who lives in Chiang Mai。NI palat, paste send from your sister's cock, making authentic taste。Boasts a strange assortment of rich Curry and fried noodles, raw noodles and pickled vegetables。There are hot、In the good sense not to spicy delicious!


Mr. ornershev niparatt

Owner-chef idle handsNI palatWith the staff、At the end of the monthThailand travelTo tell you to go and、Tell me a lot about、I was little Thailand, too! In Thailand, (thank you)、At the end of the termFor menThe、"Crash (pool)"If the womenThe、"Car"Cornerstone of。So there is still time、I would like to learn a little、2 platIs it to according"I'm hungry HIV (Thailand language:หิว).Only good remember!、With did (lol)2 platSan、Also different please let me know!

♦ Hello or goodbye sawasdee crash (plastic). / Car (Thailand language:สวัสดี ครับ / help)
♦ Thanks Cup aka crash (pool) / Car (Thailand language:ขอบคุณ ครับ / help)
♦ HIV I'm hungry (Thailand language:หิว)
♦ stuff IM (Thailand language:อิ่ม)
♦ delicious alloy (Thailand language:อร่อย)

Thai Rattana
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku inception 677-5 TEL:053-523-7233
Closed on Mondays:Monday's opening hours:11:00-14:30 17:00To 22:30

677 -5 incipient Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City

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New year's retreat is quaint with Basil flavor galore kumahira 170 year-old cedar "Seasonal flowers bloom trillion change from satchou ' lunch in relaxed space
New year's retreat is quaint with Basil flavor galore kumahira 170 year-old cedar
"Seasonal flowers bloom trillion change from satchou ' lunch in relaxed space


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