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The shop owner learned "China Sichuan cuisine 's" authentic Sichuan dishes



Shop owner learned about Sichuan cuisine in authentic Sichuan Kawashima-arrows (Junya Kawashima)And independent in Handa, let's Act City Hamamatsu、China Sichuan cuisine "China Sichuan cuisine Akutagawa(SENRYU) ' to!

"Akasaka Sichuan Shanghai Chen & # 8217s; s Dining"The Chen Ken-ichi and"Szechwan restaurant Chen(Suzanne restaurants Trinh) "of komoda kinya and mentor、With authentic Sichuan cooking techniques、In Sichuan, the home experience、Open 4/2015 in local city Hamamatsu "Akutagawa (SENRYU)"!

Filled with restless interior with a chic shades、Available 20 seats at the counter seats and tables。
Diploma of a shopkeeper in competition of numerous award winning decorated on the wall、The richness of the experience speak for themselves!

I first visited at lunch during the week and、I've always been crowded with families this Sunday night!

Appetizers on choice dish with sweet glazed mango sauce rich with plenty of shrimp with mango mayonnaise (1480)、In the main、辣油、Chinese chili sauce、Hemp Mabo tofu (¥ 1200) enjoy the flavor with a spicy pepper with rice (¥ 200)、Like noodles & soup's husband had "shrimp and spinach simply noodle soup and salty (980 yen)" order!

"Mabo" are two kinds、The "80 years ago, Ma Po tofu (1300 yen).、We had to even the Mabo tofu variations using beef seasoned with salt will be decisive、This time select Orthodox Mabo's popular Chen Jian 1 preparation!
Smooth tofu in familiar flavor of the pork.、Red of 辣油 looks very intriguing appetite、Fragrant aroma of pepper、Draw after Chinese chili spicy flavorful dish!

Also written on the Board menu on top、There were many still want to eat menu、2Amount of noodles, cut 3 dish is the limit! The next time someone come with you please!





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