"I'm sure they market" had 漁re in shinminato fishing seafood! Toyama winter I'm looking for!

Toyama winter I'm looking for、漁re in shinminato fishing port that provides fresh seafood "Shinminato surely health market"To!

Means "fresh" in the Toyama dialect "when you come with.、Pronunciation of emotional "I'm sure they" would be from、Is the name of the market "I'm sure they market ' to!

In a market crowded with locals and tourists alike、In the winter of taste!、"Winter Buri" on a roll of fat and wear tight sweet rich "crab"、High-quality fish which testifies that started.、Melts in your mouth like "shrimp shrimp" and rich "white shrimp.、As one whole whole salmon、Toyama's seafood can be enjoyed fully、Traveler to choose a souvenir!

Hidetoshi NakataTo produce "sake Kit Kat mini.、Sake of our couples and love "Masuda sake brewery"The plays a collaboration with"word of mouth from Masuo.、It is pleasing to a little souvenir! Sake x will be tempted by chocolate!

Toyama when you come with airportIn from Taiwan Lantern Exhibition was being held until September、Lanterns were displayed and exhibited here now and I have been showing off! This is、"Taiwan Lantern Festival"The hotel was"Grand Hotel"From the Lantern donated will be!

Enjoy the free samples、And get the best dining companion, very happy ♪ delicious sake is waiting!

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