"32 row House Villa32" ultimate luxury resort in Taiwan's northern Beitou hot spring

In Taiwan's hot springs "Beitou hot springs(Beitou) "the ultimate private feeling of having a natural geothermal hot springs filled with compact lagujare resort hotel"32 Hotel Villa. 32"To!

Located location just a 5-minute ride from MRT "xinbeitou (Xinbeitou Station).、Beitou Park, Hot Springs Museum、To the attractions such as the Valley as near likes being in、The guests standing quietly, as if in retreat for adults、In the hotel we couple that loves one!

This visit approximately 2 years、To become first stay from being renewed rooms、To revisit this was very much to enjoy!

Gate jumping through hoops.、An elegant space across a long slope soul vision、Heart loose unleashed air flows、Daegu Akihiro himself founder and design、Incorporating elements of "spring, tree, trees, stone"、Lush offers you can relax!

2004, will open here、That was initially operated as a members-only hotel、Now change the business to the general public。2010In the "Relais et Châteaux (Relais & Châteaux) Association "also recognized、Lambswool and many resort hotels in the world famous Michelin restaurants!

From the very beginning has set out concept themes of "ultimate hideaway.、Set limits in the number of spa visitors、Total number of rooms with only 5 rooms only、One of the best high-end resort hotels in the Hokuto area!

On this day、Taiwan's sister in loveMary Hsuand of the culinary criticsEagle.、We had a warm welcome with Mr. Alice Lin, the chief executive of Villa32, and Frankie Leu, the general manager!

The hotel's Tales Manager、Mary Hsu's Beloved DaughterAngel Kuo(Guo Ha-an) is served.。

This day is a coincidence.、Because it was my sister May's birthday.、We toasted at "Taittinger Champagne Comtes de Champagne Ross'Brut 1996"、We congratulate you in a big way!

Hotel's original special birthday sweets are available、A bite-sized pouty cake in drift wood is an artistic outfit.、It will be elegant and delicate best sweets!

Not to show the beauty and loveliness of the appearance、Karkur、It melts well in the mouth and has a smooth texture.、It is an exquisite sweets with a sense of richness and freshness!

Like May, who loves to travel and travels around the world.、Your daughter Angel also loves to travel!
What is May all the time?、A lot of excitement on the topic of an attractive trip、It will entertain the world-wide view of the world!

After a pleasant afternoon、It is an introduction of the room to be taken care of this time!

House at 32 Villa 32 (Villa32)
Location:No. 32, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City
TEL:+886(02) 6611-8888

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2018/4/23Taiwan travel / 32 row House Villa32 Beitou Vol.1


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