"32 row House Villa32 ' spas and SPA superb healing time

Beitou hot springsThe ultimate compact lagujare resort "32 Hotel Villa. 32"In the、To taste the ultimate relaxation The SPA!

Here is、And the feeling with a restricted number of private facilities、At the SPA hotel welcomes guests to spend、High quality of therapists skilled industries can be has become a hot topic、Is part of the "plan day SPA" and you'll hear!

Villa 32 At The SPA、American skincare brand "Dermalogica"(Dermalogica)And use、Essential oils uses artevelde (Arte Verde) originating in Australia、Combined European and Oriental reflexology aromatherapy、It provides personalised treatments tailored to the guest's condition!

Salon reception、Each one will be directed to the treatment room!

This time、The therapist who owns me、Speak fluent Japan language、With a lovely lady.、With the skillsChen Jia transaction邹景雯reporter(Mika) with be、In charge of the master、Grant Maggie, (Abby), it is!

The treatment rooms、All 5 rooms divided into men and women and both private and、Shower and toilet、Closet、And private space powdery booth is installed、Guests are welcome in a relaxed state.

Entering the room after taking a shower、Let the therapist in a gown!
Mika says、No underwear is best not to wear any of it。There are some Japanese are especially embarrassed naked shy、I am a worry! (Lol)

This time the、Press menu in the "Chinese Meridian treatments (CHINESE MERIDIAN TREATMENTS) economic envelope function of medical degree" of course combinations、120min 5,500TWD (Japan Yen:20350 JPY) maintenance, and the husband and wife each! (* Special whats taking permission! )

During the foot bath with warm feet、Essential oils 5 seeds from favorite fragrance, one to pick up up to 3!
(1) life pride Mai Buddha hand Kanna (Citron) and storm's leather plump chunks (damask rose)、Sweet orange (orange)、Genuine Kaoru cloth grass (Lavender)、羅馬 yo sweet Chrysanthemum (Roman Chamomile)、Blend of essential oils including Atlantic Xuesong (cedarwood)
(2) "Buddha hand Kanna" sweet and fresh aroma bergamot
(3) rejuvenating high antibacterial white 1000 layer Woody scent cajeput

Enters the foot massage foot、In with sea salt & oil scrub effect moderate pressure below the knee and carefully as he massages、Warm up from the feet、The body will slowly understood!

Lie face down on the bed and、Wrapped in the scent of oil and、Along the meridians of the body、Tap the body while stimulating the beginning.、In sonorous and soothing sounds、Gradually warm up and warm body body、Never ever felt a weird sensation drowned! How to massage the Chinese expression is first experience!

To correctly route hitch、Given the deep relaxation effect、Purification、To support the sustainability and revitalization of energy、To improve the cold and poor circulation、Chinese Meridian treatments stimulate the stress and fatigue that time of bliss!

After the SPA、Will guide to spas!

Modern and luxury baths、In men and women, and provides、Turning on a half-monthly basis system。Bath and public bath in each、Is the natural spring that includes four hot spring bath.、The reaction results in the Beitou hot spring combination jade blue Sulphur Springs and milky white Sulphur Springs 1度ni rare hot springs spa!

This Beitou hot springs became the sulfur springs、Warm up from the core of the body、Skin effect and fatigue recovery in、Will shine on my hot list top quality!

In the bathroom below、Source of the Beitou hot springs "North and geothermal Valley – Beitou Thermal Valley"Unbelievably、Being surrounded by forest、Fantastic steamy dance dance white world!

As a large public bath facilities、Spacious dressing rooms with private bathrooms、Dry sauna in the sauna、Shower, powder room and staff。

In addition、The relaxing spa lounge、Other Western-equipped Japanese-style Zen even!

Due to limited number of admission?、No abandons you to meet other guests in the bath、Spacious private state! Also、16Refuse admission of children under the age of being there、Appropriately named "ultimate sex lair"、Adult-only high-quality space here.

House at 32 Villa 32 (Villa32)
Location:No. 32, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City
TEL:+886(02) 6611-8888

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