"32 rows Kan Villa32" Western and Japanese luxury themed luxurious rooms filled with

In Taiwan's hot springs "Beitou hot springs(Beitou) "the ultimate private feeling of having a natural geothermal hot springs filled with compact lagujare resort hotel"32 Hotel Villa. 32"Of the total number of rooms、With just 5 rooms, divided into the themes of the Japanese, Western, and only、And the all-suite hotel.

This time、Introducing our rooms was indebted to all at once!

Here is、Different design for each room、 All of the rooms will be hot! Also、Are placed in every room exclusive Butler (housekeeper)、It provides service up a notch!

Western-style room premium suite [blue (Azure Suite), 116 m²

5116 m² in the room up and proud.、Modern style luxurious suites.

Incorporating the sunroof open、A bright entrance poured natural light、Heliotropium foertherianum subtropical planted、In the tatami table mind relax offer。

Comfortable living room、There was a spacious sofa、Give a peaceful relaxing soft floors made of natural wood, distilling it down to the attention to detail in the design、This is a barefoot cozy atmosphere! "No Music,No Life "and sticking to the BGM to say、"Bang & Olufsen(Bang&Olufsen) "perfect space is complete!

HERMES Chair desk、2018"Michelin Guide Taiwan" just released in March, was placed、Villa32's hotel sector、Restaurant sector both in post!

In the back、There are bedroom queen size to ensure a good night's sleep。

The free-standing bath、2 there was a tub with India stones、Becomes available in the room and soak in the hot springs、Touched and spacious shower rooms are well equipped and、Will guarantee a very pleasant stay!

Suite Premium pine (Matsu Suite) 99 m²

Japanese Sakura (Sakura Suite) room is provided and the "pine (Matsu Suite).、At noon the Japanese designer Sako Yichang's design has been in charge!

Deffinately rooms、Abundance also imported from Japan and the scent of Cypress were used sweet "not grass" of becomes a relaxing atmosphere with tatami mats。

Zen theme into a Japan-style garden garden、And design with attention to detail、Not to mention the foreign guests like Japan、Even us Japanese world of pleasant!

Is provided in table table napkin、Japan kimono collar in Japanese、Western-style image jacket collar, and is reflected、To detailed design of uniform! All rooms booked in the "single word" unification of hateful fabulous!

In the back bedroom laid out with 2 single bed、Mind suggests the garden space。
Bad overseas guests accustomed to the bed height and waist of your old layer、You can adjust the bed height on the mat!

Using Taiwan cypress luxury spa baths are equipped with、Enjoy the tasteful while enjoying the green of the garden time!

Western-style luxury suite [Jade (Jade Suite), 83 m²

Provides "Jade (Jade Suite)" and "Crystal (Crystal Suite)" two-room Deluxe Suite room、Spend a quiet moment in a simple, stylish design and modern elements、Very suitable for adult retreat accommodation!

From the large Windows from the bed space、Lush green views、The design incorporates natural light、Rooms at blackout curtains to ensure a good night's sleep!

Powder room faucet or shower room shower head、Since they are simple yet stylish design、Exclusive Butler, using gentle us because your peace of mind!



From the elegant bathroom sunroof、While seeking the sky white sulphur springs bath will enjoy the blissful time!

House at 32 Villa 32 (Villa32)
Location:No. 32, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City
TEL:+886(02) 6611-8888

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