See 32 row House Villa32 "Luxury Italian special dinner

Beitou hot springsThe ultimate compact lagujare resort "32 Hotel Villa. 32"For us in all dining"The Restaurant"Italian special dinner!

Evenings, birthday、The hotel is surrounded by blue sky moisturized、And watching the day and a different face, RD to the romantic mood!

In "The Restaurant"、Executive Chef Chen chef (Jimmy Chen) 50-year-old、Introduction to Taiwan、Has been serving traditional cuisine of Italy with specially selected ingredients from around the world、2018In the "Michelin Guide Taiwan" just released in March、As the restaurant divisions posted!

On this day、Gourmet criticEagleMr. in together、Will be a special dinner with plenty of fresh asparagus! First of all,、In a champagne toast!

Smart, and full of hospitality、Become a pleasant customer serviceGuo, Zhong(Eason) of serve!

"Stuzzichino & antipasti (Stuzzichino & Antipasti).
Homemade breads and Grissini in 付ke出shi、Antipasto in Driftwood is easy-to-eat bite-size、Rich duck Reber、Akamas with squid ink、Mushroom pie、Beat Macaron and Corvids、Shrimp and green olives、Beef Tartar、Beautiful dish set in eyes、It is one classy touch!

"Bisque and white asparagus (Bisque and seafood and white asparagus).
While using the same ingredients and offered in two types of broth and Cook、Menu ingredients makes rich!
Enjoy the gentle sweetness of white asparagus and aroma are intense Bisque、Texture as thick white asparagus, grilled yaki-Niku leave 1 dish、White asparagus、Mushroom、Enjoy the 3 sauces for shrimp!

"Jamon Iberico pigs and white asparagus (Iberian ham BELLOTA 5 J with white asparagus).
Top-quality Iberian Spain from 40 months aged prosciutto wood cut by the chef Jimmy and、Will put the finishing touches on presentation! Smooth on the tongue in mouth melt good ham、Good aroma and flavor! With a green salad and white asparagus boiled crunchy texture!

"Shrimp & squid ink、White asparagus (the squid ink and white scampi and Scallop with asparagus).
Makkuro with even cooking a black Hummingbird 1 dish would be directing!
Shrimp and scallops and fried squid in black ink,、White asparagus is also dyed Squid in black ink、Squid sources come out of the costume raised in the black sphere、Green asparagus、White asparagus、seafood、In the four species of the shrimp tastes!

Beef noodle soup (Beef Noodle)
Taiwan's famous beef noodles, arranged in the way of homemade pasta!
For beef in Japan was lifted in Taiwan、Miyazaki beef meat fine furnished and、Soup will be ready、There's never ever tasted elegance、Delicate rich umami taste delicious beef noodle soup.

"Iberico pork Porto wine sauce (Iberian pork cap with port wine reduction)
Simple roast pork、Enjoy a juicier flavor!
Colo Colo size fries we clothe [squid ink、Green asparagus with reduced port wine sauce!

"US industrial prime Livi and mushrooms (Prime ribeye with mushroom).
American industrial prime Livi and roast moist and、You will be in a jar of pickled onions and mushroom puree!
Is made of adorable shape white mushroom、To eat, I was surprised! Salt meringue! With the rib-eye here, enjoy!

"Dessert & Coffee "
Looks bright、They bite in phthisis cake、Hazelnut and vanilla、Lavender、Lemon ball、Mango、Litmus、Green tea! But a different kind of enjoyed with afternoon tea in the afternoon、Variety of desserts、How to eat very delicious sweets!

After dinner、(General manager), General Manager Liu baicheng (Frankie Lau) who show room, please!

Precious and expensive stone established North stoning in the front lobby!

Dr. plateau kihachiro book, recording a tremendous healing power of hot springs of Tamagawa hokutolite showed、For this、Tamagawa hot spring containing natural Radium hokutolite record theme research study was what is written!

In fact、Marvel releasing the natural Radium stone was lovely!

And the numbers to measure the radiation measuring instrument、A surprising number will pop up、Try touching is feeling a substantial amount of heat、It is a surprising experience!

Also、In the lobby、100Or decorated with more than years ago wood antique chairs、Taiwan artists to New York like owners "Yang Yang recognition h.-Chihung) "The abstract line!

In addition to the、US wine cellars in the form like the wine show special、Beginning with (Chateau Mouton-Rothschild) rare 1945 Chateau Mouton Rothschild、That the age of "Chateau Petrus (Chateau Petrus)" are on display、In addition to its finest vintage collection of heavenly astonishment!

While excitement yaranu went back to the room with the、Upholstered in hot tub、Peace is understood in the sulphur spring time、It was a deep, deep sleep!

Villa32 The Restaurant
Book by phone:+886-2-6611-7888(Ext.:312-
Hours of operation:Lunch:12:00-14:00、Tee times:15:00-17:00、Dinner:18:00-21:00

House at 32 Villa 32 (Villa32)
Location:No. 32, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City
TEL:+886(02) 6611-8888

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