Ilan "Westin Ilan" natural hot springs in the hotel in a quiet night

Was born in the city of Ilan calm resort hotel "Yi LAN power Li Wei Cummins migiwa degree Crowne Plaza Hotel The Westin Yilan Resort ザ・ウェスティン・宜蘭・リゾート」では、Begins from moment to moment with beautiful blue sky、Has a quiet night is falling!

On the lobby ceiling、Using branches of bamboo filled with hot springs, drifting mist and clouds-themed pieces、Lit inside with the night、Colorful lobby one body while changing little by little, bright、Figure floating tremble and produced a fantastic night!

Name of the work:Clouds include haze light illuminates the clouds Cloud with light
Author:«Sentence wealth (Wen-Fu Yu)

1The hot springs are located on the floor、Divided into male and female、An open-air rock bath and open-air ishiburo types and makes、Done replaced day by day、Guests can enjoy a different atmosphere!

Spring quality、In the LAN Yang plain of sedimentary rock area spas、Keep water crystal clear clarity、Water temperature is about 36 to 45 degrees、the pH value is about pH7.7 sodium hydrogen carbonate hot spring。

Especially not the smell、Smooth and skin over the spring and silky smooth、Tender soon will be! It is called "bijin no Yu", the name of this hot! Unlike in the open-air and indoor hot、You can enjoy the various types。

Includes mist type and dry sauna、You can also enjoy hot cold alternating bath、You can even recover from fatigue.

To increase the effect of hot baths、30Minutes-and bathing in 1 hour、In the meantime、5Minutes-you can make up a "bijin no Yu" effect by 10 minutes repeat the comings and goings!

Relax and soak in the hot springs、癒yashita fatigue in for a nightcap at the Bar "Café Lounge (coffee shop), which shall accompany!

Hot Springs
Hours of operation:7:00-11:00(Last admission time is 10.:00-
14:00-23:00(Last admission time is 22:00-

The Westin, Ilan, resort
Yi-LAN power Li Wei migiwa degrees Crowne Plaza Hotel (The Westin Resort Yilan)
Location:Yong said road three-268-go, Fellow mountain 鄉, yilan, 台灣
TEL:+886 3 923 2111

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2018/4/17Taiwan Travel/the Westin Vol.1


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