To the bar/lounge you can enjoy the "Westin Ilan" cocktails!

"Yi LAN power Li Wei Cummins migiwa degree Crowne Plaza Hotel The Westin Yilan Resort ザ・ウェスティン・宜蘭・リゾート」の1階にある「Café Lounge(カフェ・ラウンジ)」のBarにてしっとりとカクテルタイム!

That is good in your room and enjoy the mini bar、And beams.、While enjoying a conversation with the bartender at the counter bar、One of their trip is to entertain special cocktails!Soak in the hot springs、Mind and body with lighter body、You'll fall asleep quickly in good sake!

Bartender Li Kan Yu (Roger Cannavo)、Make us recommend the Westin signature cocktails!

While waiting for the cocktail、While sparkling wines of Italy "Buscareto Rose Brut" and appetizers snacks、Enjoy the fast which bartenders!

Westin cocktails good color has done!!

(1) "KUMQUAT GREEN TEA (air-Haruka 綠茶) kumquat tea" 450TWD+10% (Japan Yen:About 1830 yen)
In the fragrance "kumquat" and good luck in Taiwan using Taiwan green tea fit Gin base for a refreshing cocktail、In the exhilaration of the bath's best Cup!

(2) EXPERIMENTS OOLONG (Wu Yong experiments) Crow dragons experiment 400TWD+10% (Japan Yen:Approximately ¥ 1630)
A vodka soaked week oolong tea leaves are based on、Strong cocktail made with Amaretto and Grand Marnier to attack!

(3) Transparent (transparent) 350TWD+10% (Japan Yen:Around 1420 yen)
Cocktail white wine lemon grass syrup and lemon juice plus! Cocktail ice ball put the Rosemary on top of the glass with a lid、"How do I drink? "And the question! Apparently、As you put the straw before falling to melt the ice! Because (surprise) alcohol is not so high、You can enjoy like juice!

(4) "Macao Margarita (horse advice Ma price Korea especially) horse advice Margarita" 400TWD+10% (Japan Yen:Approximately ¥ 1630
Make using spices like pepper to specs of the Atayal tribe "black horse" marinated in Tequila margaritas! Dining experience includes horse advice and on the edge of the glass with salt and opens up a unique fragrance!

Bouts、 In Taiwan's cocktail、Finish the Cup、You with single malt whisky here Ilan from KAVALAN (Cavalli)、You can conclude with we love Taiwan whisky、Had a moment of bliss!

Furthermore, 21 "Café lounge (coffee shop):45To 22:15Until the 30 minutes to enjoy "dinner"、As a Midnight Snack can also order such as "porridge"! Just sleep in bed with a full stomach after hungry!

Café Lounge (coffee shop)
Reservation center:+886 3 923 2111 Ext.:3115
Hours of operation:11:00-23:00
Bar time:19:00-23:00
Midnight snack:21:45-10:15

The Westin, Ilan, resort
Yi-LAN power Li Wei migiwa degrees Crowne Plaza Hotel (The Westin Resort Yilan)
Location:Yong said road three-268-go, Fellow mountain 鄉, yilan, 台灣
TEL:+886 3 923 2111

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2018/4/17Taiwan Travel/the Westin Vol.1


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