"The Sherwood Taipei" fitness and Spa、such as swimming pool, Comfortable hotel stay in the enhancement facility !


Boasting international levels of premium service in Taipei
"The Sherwood Taipei"Of the 20 floor、
"Fitness Center"And
"The Sherwood Spa"By providing、
Fitness CenterThe guests of theFreeThe use is possible.


Come dressed in sportswear、
"Fitness Center"The reception、
Fill in the chart, Marys acceptance、Let's entry!

Fitness Center
Utilization time:6:00To 22:00


In the gym、Is equipped with various training machines made in Italy、
Helps you to stay fit on the road。
Workouts with exhilarating views from the top floor、
You can refresh both mind and body.


With instructor taught how to operate machines、Focusing on training。
This makes aerobic exerciseCross TrainerI hope、
In that operation, such as cross-country skiing and training、And aerobic exercise、
Less strain on the knees than treadmill exercise is possible。
And then select the machine in addition to fit yourself at your own pace while、
Aerobic exercise and resistance training to better balance and better!


Running machine at work!


View of Taipei 101 while training!


Load the muscle up!


Also on the top floorAn indoor heated swimming poolIs equipped with、Guests enjoy swimming free all year round。
Equipped with large Windows until airy skylights and ceiling、
Swimming in the great outdoors in、You forget the hustle and bustle of the city、
Sherwood TaipeiIn a beautiful place out there。
For that is open all year round、Would be good to bring your swim wear and。
Charming atmosphere for day and night、Both have a fascination for、As long as time permits visit?!


Her bathrobe after a swim、Sitting on the poolside Chair、
Skylight poured pleasant light feeling of relaxation.


Entrance on the top floor right hand "The Sherwood Spa"The front will。
Here is complete reservation system for、Make a reservation in advance, your reception!

The Sherwood Spa
Hours of operation:10:00-21:30
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188


Best salon in treatment rooms


Separate male and female sauna facility!


Refresh in a Massage Chair!


Sherwood SPANow、By a professional aesthetician、
Get top quality face and body treatments。
From the extensive menu、Choose the course in shape、
After a tiring journey to be healed from the core of the body、Springs up beauty energy。
VIP room (single / double) and a shower room with sauna、
Guests can enjoy private and exquisite!

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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