Secret BAR exists in the hotel basement won the MUD BAR Taipei Top10

"amba Taipei Zhongshan"The adults retreat to like exists in the basement"MUD at amba Taipei Zhongshan(Mad bar) ' to!

In the United States in 1920's from ten years until the 1930s、Is carried out a prohibition era.、Many people are as a secret bar hidden in the darkness "dive bar" enjoyed。

At that time、The locations so that unauthorized and bootleg alcohol is called a "Speakeasy"、Wants owners of "amba Nakayama" design style are reminiscent of that era, was born a MUD BAR!

Interior is a simple、And Nordic antique chairs and sprinkled at random、1950"Mackintosh" in tube amps "Altec Lansing"The DJ booth speakers with established、Exudes retro style!

Here you will、And to top bartenders celebrate 17 years of bartending experience Allen Chien (Allen)、Taipei's elected only 10 Bar from the Bar of 100 hotels in seeThe Bootleggers List, Taipei 2018 ' to stunning ranked!

Immediately、Let's shake the Allen ykemembertender!

Dragon well 450 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1665 ¥) ※ calculated by 3.7 Yen 4/2018 current exchange rate
Put vodka into Taiwan green tea Longjing tea (class long Jing tea) tea pot、Shake skillet to cook it to flambe!

In addition、Homemade Longjing tea syrup and Green Chartreuse、Added a little lime juice cocktail、Finish with Longjing tea、A refreshing taste!

"Pumpkin Mule" costs TWD 400 (Japan Yen:About 1480)
Homemade Tequila syrup to the vodka were charged in Taiwan organic pumpkin、Align the lime juice, ginger beer、We served with seared cinnamon and dry lime。And while the gentle sweetness of the pumpkin and vodka's strong attack、By aligning with a ginger beer、Good throat Cup!

In the last、Homemade liqueurs Gin suited Taiwan tea Earl Gray was to tasting!

1 cup Earl Gray like my form!

The original cocktail created by bartender Allen、In homemade liqueur or syrup、Attention catching a taste! As the session be held on a regular basis to renowned Taiwan retreat Bar MUD BAR come visit please!

MUD (mud BAR)
Location:Taiwan Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-57-1, B1F
TEL:+886 2 2565 2898
Hours of operation:Sunday-Wednesday 19:00-24:00、Thursday-Saturday 19:00-25:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday

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2018/4/15Taiwan Travel/amba Hotel Taipei Zhongshan


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