Check-in to the newly opened designer hotel amba taipei zhongshan!


Accommodation in Taipei trip this time as I "Zhongshan amba Taipei"The、
Located in the Central Mountain area in the center of Taipei。
Along the leafy trees, North Zhongshan Rd.、Lined with modern office buildings and shops around the、
You can enjoy a walk through and experience the cultural atmosphere、City excitement.。
Also、MRTZhongshan stationUp to 5 min。
Museum of Contemporary Art,Taipei、Ximending、Taipei 101、Very convenient access to the Taipei World Trade Center.


Zhongshan area is at the epicenter of culture、All around multimedia & creative, rife with the air of life。
Museum of Contemporary Art,Taipei、In addition to art-related, including the light spot Taipei Film Center spot、
Will Chinese 咖 caffes in store、Garden city life style bookstore、Dotted with fashionable shops, such as light spots Cafe Lumiere and distinctive restaurants。
Natural、History、Art、Culture、Music、The area you can enjoy a sense of well-being, gourmet produce。
"AMBASSADOR Taipei' Before 'Guo-Fang hotel"And get off at the bus stop was written and、South、
Dunhuang and or. "GUCCI"The big intersection seem to reach。
Cross the pedestrian crossing.、North and turn left at the back and a few metres away from Hotel comes into view to。
Because the median、And walk this path。

Hotel Ambassador groupThe new hotel was born as the second brand "amBA amber"。
2015March 5The、1970DatingThe old office building and renovation "Zhongshan amba Taipei"Open!
Design、Eco-friendly architecture and famous designerGuo Ying 釗Are responsible for。
Before Nakayama、2012 yearIn the newly opened "amba Taipei Ximending"Similarly,
"Eco-friendly、High-tech、Creative"Three major concepts and、
Born as a new hotel concept is different from the traditional hotel。

1962 yearIn Taipei、Ambassador Hotel Group in Taiwan for the first time created a Deluxe hotel of international standards、
Its 50 week yearCelebration of、The Ambassador Hotel "Home"A good concept based on、Spread the interest in social、
Taipei、Hsinchu、3 hotel in Kaohsiung, conduct various community activities、Creates a new product。
Architects of the era's leading、Interior Design Designer、Artist、Music House、As well as bartender
Eco-friendly in the creative space to create、
Travellers 'So far no travel & food experience"As a hotel brand to deliver"amba"2012 yearTo set up。
"amba ximending"The2012On February 23.In the open。
In October the same year magazine "Wallpaper *"'World's best new business hotel"That theme
29The hotel took up when、"amba"That was the only elected from Taiwan。
Thus opened "amba"The、Business travellers or city school、Has gained a high reputation from creative professionals。


Window sash of aluminium were used to the old building and iron is used as part of a recycling building materials。
After the aluminum window frames、Detach the upper and lower side、Play once again combined with geometric patterns of artistic construction materials。
The stylish entrance "amba"The character is the one!
So1970Dating back 40 years across the agesOf has become so startled and building beautiful finish!



The front entrance in front of the、Is characterized by simple, stylish modern clean design。
On the front wall and display antique bike, is a deep meaning!
After、I want to include the details during the hotel tour!


23:30 at nightIs there when I was around the check-in、
Staff speak Japan's as well as try day and night together as much as possible will be reside、
You could check-in done safely without trouble in the language!
Referring to the original map describing the surroundings、Even around the recommendations will guide you carefully、
"Great support is a great help!


Marys check-in、Head room in the elevator on the right。
On the wall of elevator inlet、Been equipped with monitors、
Waterfall from a huge mountain in the background of the Taipei skyline video art projected。
Is deprived of eyes, hold the legs so beautiful!


Place flat-floor elevator Hall、The lounge space is。
Each floor has a lounge、The lounge every different design、
Furniture collection gathered from various countries are located using a sense of a designer。
As a place of Exchange and friends visiting the hotel、Also、As a place of interaction within the hotel、
Also provides a place of relaxation.


This time、Staff will take care of the 3rd floor "310"It is from。
A simple construction of black and white。
Security、Key card will lock.


English in every room of each variety were written word。
In our room、"ENJOY YOUR VACATION (vacation!)"And。
Seems like a simple, inorganic doors、This comment was funny and happy!
Now、Next is "amba taipei zhongshan"The introduction of the room!

Zhongshan amba Taipei (Taipei Zhongshan Italian House Hotel) amba Taipei Zhongshan
Location:Taiwan Taipei Zhongshan North Road two-57-1,
Contact TEL:+886 2 2565 2828
Reservation TEL:+886 2 2525 2828
Local toll free number:0800 88 2828

No. 57-1 Zhongshan North Road in Taipei Sec

AMBA Taipei Zhongshan Hotel

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