"Die Lion Museum" Sparkle to the evening garden tree


"Gerry on Museum GLION MUSEUM "is、World's largest garden designers were engaged in Queen Elizabeth gardens, Kazuyuki Ishihara are equipped with garden Christmas tree under the supervision of、In the cold of winter particularly earliest、We leave 艶meki with a classic car!

Also my car "MASERATI Quattroporte" red brick Museum to shoot back, I got a piece for the best!

The garden Christmas tree was set up at the entrance、And 18 m long、As the tree-planting, may force Japan's longest!

Kazuyuki Ishihara supervision becomes main street in garden as well as、Posing as shine brightly in the red brick Museum、Invites the romantic mood!

Garden Christmas tree concept is the "Mori Megumi.。Rain forest that store water、To bear lots of fruit、Nurturing nature of forest's blessing series。And the gardener put thanks to the forest's blessing series。Taiki of Sequoia sempervirens stand on 18-metre-high、Is wearing suit reminiscent of the good old red-brick City Classic warm illumination.、You'll be as warm memories of the people who visit memorable!





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