US Steakhouse was born at GLION STEAK HOUSE red brick warehouse


"Gerry on Museum GLION MUSEUM "of the open in the corner of a red brick warehouse"GLION STEAK HOUSE(Gerry on Steakhouse) "in in fancy dinners, GLION GROUP Vice PresidentMajestic 宮定 (Takehiro Miyasada)(Takehiro Miyasada) with be with you!

With the stylish elegance of European and American and fusion、Classical atmosphere and welcomes a heavy feeling in the dark、Colorful stained glass candle light and fluctuations、While with the opulence of posh watering、Adult retreat-like view of the world may、Memorial Day, and the restaurant can be recommended as a date spot!

Through the main hall、Gave us a private room was prepared in the back。Has become a glass-walled room overlooking the Hall as、There is also airy and relaxed in the private sense of pouring a special staff.

A peaceful atmosphere、BGM live piano music and also elegant sound reverberates inside gently!

"GLION GROUP"The Tabata Toshihiko President's daughter, and、Tabata Wakana (Wakana Tabata) is working as a restaurant representative who frees us from、Obsession with delicate decoration incorporating Interior and decor, Hawaii "Hy & # 8217s; s Hawaii STEAK HOUSE(The hydes) "of us passionately, while sister and pursue originality in your own attitude! Wakana's、Also the language fluent and intelligent while staff、It is very lovely, lovely lady!

This time the、Floor Manager and sommelier Nakagawa Soji (Soushi Nakagawa) is going on while you serve、We will enjoy the chef's course! Nakagawa's supple and haseo smart serve in a fluent narrative style was also nice is a must see!










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