19Century genius architect Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece Sagrada Familia

1882Began in the years after、1883In the year as the second generation architectAntoni GaudíSince taking office in the 31-year-old youth、Devoted his life to the architectural "Sagrada Familia (Basílica de la Sagrada Família) ' To!

A highly original for its design.、There's also great views of distant buildings、Elaborate decoration suggests that close there eyes to behold!

And completed only Gaudí death、Japanese architectEtsuro sotooStarted and owns the sculpture has "birth façade.、Or check the mysterious theories are rumored to be Gaudí watching、Climb the Bell Tower, the opening of Barcelona、Enjoy the Bell inside walked down the narrow staircase image of conch、Spend quiet time in the Cathedral、Looking up at the magnificent vaulted ceilings、To the strange feeling like time has stopped or been、Do eye carving chilly themed "Christ's death" in "the passion façade.、Enjoy the filled Church!

If the timing is right、Bathed in the divine, sultry light sparkling in the Cathedral stained glass、It could be expressed in words not feeling it!

"Seeing is believing"
Why we travel out there。

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