City Creek Center Salt Lake City Centre in a shopping mall

To the shopping mall in the Centre of Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City) was born in 2012 "city Creek Center (City Creek Center)"!

Salt Lake City's main street to、Lined both sides of the giant Mall、In the opening and closing skylights, glass and beautiful sky bridge (Sky) we are connected!

This contains "Macys' and 'Nordstrom' department stores、Lined up casual brand from luxury brands、Also particularly lively space。

During the、Restaurants and cafes、Air-conditioned food court、Is possible to rest on.
However,、But here is a shopping mall "latter-day Saints (Mormon) Church" of that belongs in the premises、It is a surprise because they are closed on Sunday!

Enjoy a stroll through shopping mall in、I found your favorite shops! That is、Gary G Friedman expands CEO decor & funiture shop Restoration Hardware!

Worry about each brand showroom is like a room in a luxury hotel, a stylish mansion according to each concept、Has been produced by modern、Even just watching becomes a feast for the eyes!

After enjoying window shopping、Light lunch exuberance and desire of restaurants and cafés、Around the food court、Good weather so much as on the outside terrace where you can、Decided to buy in the supermarket "Harmons' lunch box!

Lunch boxes sold by weight are very useful!
Hot dish prepared for the type of、Good color, then、Vegetables and chicken、Packing, rice pilaf、In another Cup to pasta salad。Invited to a warm climate and want to drink beer quickly, when you buy a、Wrong, had picked up a non-alcoholic "Root Beer"!

The "Root Beer" Brigham's Brew、ハーブやスパイスが入った個性的な炭酸飲料でノンアルコール!


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  1. もも

    元モルモン信者ですモルモン教会が信者の血税を使って贅沢なモールを建てたと聞いて気になっていましたがやはりすごいですねとても参考になります私は6人兄弟の長女です収入の1割を教会に納め布教活動も自腹で200万円出して行きした大学をあきらめたり働き過ぎて体調を崩す信者も多いのにこんな立派なモールをユタに建てるのを知り本当にひどいな、I think。それをモルモンの宣教師に言ったら「変なこと言うなあんたと話すのは時間の無駄」と言われました偽善だらけの教会についていけず脱会しました。But、熱心なモルモンの父にひどく脅されて自殺しようと思った程ひどい目に遭いましたがどうかモルモン教会にお気をつけください
     たくさんの写真まるで自分が行ったかのように思えます。Thank you for your。


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