Talking about cool on 'HSL' Salt Lake City restaurants

"Grand America Hotel (The Grand America Hotel) Manager Chris Erickson (Chris Erickson) recommended restaurant."HSL Restaurant"To book a UVA (UBER) and turns out!

This is Tex-Mex restaurant in Park City (Park City) handle (handle).、And as a result handle launched by Executive Chef Briar Handly (Brier Hanley)、2016In April, in new Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City) as 'HSL' open!

Organic vegetables and buzz American cuisine offered by using carefully selected ingredients, becomes the most popular stores! We recommend booking in advance。

Looks simple and modern look to unleash、Shop increases your comfort a uniform green color!
Entrance reception reserved name out tell、After the passed waiting sofa because it was a little earlier than the opening time to seat at the table!

When you open 17 stores that、Also、Up to 20 o'clock in summer time from bright、No Cook table candles、Comfy day dinner (lol)
First of all,、Order a Beer and sparkling water to moisten the dry throat。

Cook、Slim, gentle SARAH who is in charge of our table (Sarah) at we would like that you hear is recommended!

The Interior of the marble bar、And open kitchen、Making sense of presence can enjoy cooking is also wonderful! While performing each job out in the heat can ask at work.

Salad "SEEDED CRACKER (grandma britton's pepper jelly,cream cheese mousse,Herb salad) $ 6 (Japan Yen:About 660 yen).。

Fit well with plenty of black sesame crispy Krispie chips was accompanied with plenty of cream cheese and fresh vegetables、The texture is Good!

Appetizer、"SMOKED PARSNIP “BARCON”(red beets,Granny smith apple,peppercom honey pink) $ 15 (Japan Yen:About 1650 yen).。

Locally sourced in yellow carrots and roasted with the skin、Beetroot and Green Apple、Jar of pickled onions.、Accented with black sesame seeds and honey.。

A sweet yellow carrot in sweet potatoes were soggy and the texture.、Soft beets with shakishaki exquisite a surprising combination of Green Apple, delicious!

As main dish、Grilled US beef "NY STRIP STEAK (zursun's heirloom bean salad,wild greens) $ 32 (Japan Yen:About 3520 yen) "order by the medium-rare!
Healthy, fit the several kinds of beans with pickled cucumbers and carrots Peel Mesclun Salad with vinegar sauce。

So the aroma of charcoal-grilled、After eating one bite of US beef is spread、Burning moist and so Good!

Finish in desserts、A refreshing Sava plum "SORBET $ 3 (Japan Yen:About 330 yen) "for sorbet you satisfied!
On the front of the restaurant before you know it、Car home as scheduled "MASERATI Quattroporte" appeared!
Apparently, as is a guest on this car!

Was probably brought on board、Could bring the wispy and gray-haired bitter United Kingdom gents style beautiful white woman!
In the vast United States、Compared to Japan、See a lot of large vehicles such as motorhomes and jeeps、It is in fact is a "MASERATI" dealerships in Salt Lake City!

Guests enjoyed delicious food and beer、In the United States Mondiali Ferrari MASERATI involuntarily became excited at night!

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