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"MSC splendida" pleasant sea breeze while the top floor deck in an elegant breakfast


海上での目覚めは早く、"MSC Cruises"Luxury cruise ship navigating the" MSC splendida (MSC Splendida)」 のキャビンバルコニーから眺める朝焼けの空は朝陽の輝きが海面に反射し最高の景色となります!



On this day、初日とは打って変わって船内の横揺れが激しく台風19号の影響なのかスタッフに確認すると「ここ最近では一番の揺れとなり珍しいです」とのこと!バトラーが「酔い止め要りますか?」とキャビンを訪ねてくれたのですがわたし達夫婦は船酔いは大丈夫でしたので服用せずおりましたマセラティオーナーの方々の中には数名ほど酔い止めを服用された方もいたようです!

Breakfast on board the、"MSC Splendida – Yacht Club(ヨットクラブ)」の専用ラウンジ「Top Sail Lounge(トップセイルラウンジ)」にて用意されるパンやタルト生ハムやチーズフルーツにコーヒーといった軽食も朝7:00-11:00まで自由に頂けます!

If the desired reception、Rooftop lounge of the pleasant sea breeze top floor deck 18 ' The One Pool (the vampire) "in the、8 am:30-10:30To recommend for breakfast!

Watch the weather on this day and the second day of the cruise will summon the fine、Blue Sky gets dumb and just this thing!

On the deck、In this night wearing a cover unveiling will see MASERATI Levante GTS"、Do you right it now?、Now and seem to quietly waiting for at that time!

"The One Pool (the vampire)",、 Provides a dedicated Yacht Club pool and Jacuzzi、A private space that promises!

Feel free to take a breakfast bar、And each order can be pancakes or waffles!
I see scrambled eggs、Bacon、Potato、Salami、Ham、Salmon "plate included、"Croissants and buns.、"Cut fruit"、Order a "pancake"

To order a bun hair cute staff Silvia with fresh fruit mixed juice、Banana and pineapple、Me finishing the smoothie style, mixing with ice and orange juice is very tasty!

The top-floor deck pleasant breeze feels、The elegant breakfast under the umbrellas with magnificent sea views、This worthy of the word vacation time!

August, my nails are a bit getting carried away in、"Summer、Sea、Vacation "theme、Using a cobalt blue finish whats glitter! Nail GLITTER (glitter) Nailist Ogiwara Rika-CHAN、Thank you!

After breakfast and beer or cocktail in one hand on deck relaxing!

It is a moment feel the luxury cruise!

MSC Cruises (MSC Crociere S. p. A.)

MSC splendida (MSC Splendida)

Japan Maserati (Maserati Japan)

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"MSC splendida" a fantastic evening and dinner on board spend and bee time! "MSC splendida" 24-hour room service a variety of facilities that make!
"MSC splendida" a fantastic evening and dinner on board spend and bee time!
"MSC splendida" 24-hour room service a variety of facilities that make!


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