"MSC splendida" first in the world! Maserati new cars presented on the Pacific held!

In the Pacific on the world's first livery! The Japan Japan Maserati Maserati 'MSC Cruises(MSC Crociere S. p. A.) "the luxury cruise ship" MSC splendida (MSC Splendida) "Of the Charter Yacht Club、60Large events turn 160 of Maserati owner we have hands-on!

The name "Maserati Japan Tridente Experience 2018 (Trident, Maserati Japan experience 2018)"!

Boat heading to Shanghai, Maserati SUV Levante (Levante) over four days from Yokohama-Daikoku Futo V-type 8-cylinder engined models becomes the first "Levante GTS"、8/19The ship will be debuted in Japan!

For events with limited space on board、Divided into two parts-、Group "from the dinner show.、Classification held in second-hand "dinner from the unveiling" group and every 2 hours!

Our couples、Are sorted according to the group "from the dinner show.、"Msc Splendida – Yacht Club (Yacht Club) "restaurant、Deck 15 "L & # 8217s; OLVO RESTAURANT Lorie Bo ' in and enjoy dinner!

[Maserati Japan Tridente Experience 2018 Special dinner Menu]

Appetizers "Caesar salad"
Anchovies on lettuce、Caesar salad with crunchy croutons!

-Soup "Bisque"
Chives, served with creamy brandy forms and accents!

-Skewered Shrimp
Grilled shrimp skewers with Basil and lemon and refreshing!

• Tenderloin broiled
Tenderloin is medium-rare.、Served with grilled vegetables!

-Risotto with porcini mushrooms
Rich abundance using a flavorful porcini mushroom risotto served with caviar and lot of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Mousse and chocolate".
Mouth of the melt with the Trident symbol of Maserati and becomes a smooth mousse au chocolat!

Poop pretty good detailed as foaming Cappuccino faint cinnamon scent!


After a meal、Rooftop lounge on the top floor deck 18 ' The One Pool (the vampire) "on the move、On the deck with the color image of the Maserati and blue neon、Our Maserati owners dress up!

MSC Japan CEOOliviero Morelli(Olivier Morelli), Guido Giovnnelli (Guido Giovanelli), CEO of MASERATI Japan said as he was greeted by a large gathering!


Brilliant speech of Guido CEO after、Reflects the new short movie、Imposing logo Levante GTS with the finish moment、Take off your veil like a hurricane、Show off that bold yet elegant collarless!

Introduced "Levante GTS (GTS Levante).、3.8lV8 twin-turbo engine、Maserati history became the most powerful、In a more sporty、Finished in luxury!

In an existing V8 unit to return more、Maximum output 550ps/6, 200 rpm、Maximum torque 730 in the latest V8 engine generating a Nm/2500-5000 rpm、Shift lever adoption of new design with improved usability-ZF 8-speed gearbox combination、0-100acceleration km/h 4.2 seconds、Because they have achieved 292 km/h top speed is a surprise!

We love the Maserati owners、A picture emerged brightly in the night sky each "Levante GTS' and I'm looking forward、Only relax the heart's content!

MASERATI Japan Guido Giovannelli (Guido Giovanelli), CEO、For this event are releasing this!

"On board while cruising Maserati new cars announced this plan。May have surprised at why the sea on board car events。Two seemingly no connection be located in common。It's neither go enjoy and is a。Not simply as a transporter、It has proposed the intonation and the experience can be shared with friends, you can always find new life style。This event cruise through our、I could tell you the splendor of the lifestyle of the Maserati。"And。

This is exactly what、We recognize and meaningful lifestyle couple who we hope to ride the Maserati's!

MSC Cruises (MSC Crociere S. p. A.)
MSC splendida (MSC Splendida)
Japan Maserati (Maserati Japan)

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