A gentle route avoiding the 'MSC splendida"Typhoon at sunset last night.

Italy's largest cruise company "MSC Cruises(MSC Crociere S. p. A.) "the luxury cruise ship" MSC splendida (MSC Splendida) "4 days at the Shanghai route celebrates its third day!

This time the、And changed the route to avoid Typhoon No.19、2But felt the waves roll of the day、Perfect weather and a fairly uneventful voyage、3What is noticeable in the morning of the day of clouds、One day kept the calm waves there!

Breakfast on board the、"MSC Splendida – Yacht Club(Yacht Club) "the restaurant" L & # 8217s; OLVO RESTAURANT Lorie Bo "available!

Unlike carries foot passengers most were ordinary buffet restaurant、Calm in seating order form where you will find the restaurant and will go the legs!

I am European.、Her husband is Japanese in each order!


Western style
Appetizers "smoked salmon.
Spicy smoked moist salmon onion、Tomato、With a lemon!

-'Omelette (with a toast and hash browns).
You can order with your favorite ingredients for、Bacon、Ham、Mushroom、Cheddar cheese、Spinach、Tomato、Onion soup in!

"Fruit salad and yogurt.
Easy-to-eat fruits cut into bite-size pieces and fat free yogurt.

"Pineapple juice"
Order the lemon slices in different、Put plenty of neatly!

Japanese style
-"Roe、Dried plums、Pickles.
To accompany the meal come together nice appetizer!
Rice、White rice、Brodetto、Choose from the rice porridge、Rice's choice!

-Grilled salmon
Served with sautéed onions sliced grilled salmon!

And "miso soup"
Wakame miso based soup!

"Mixed salad"
Good balance of colorful mixed salad!

-"Green tea"
Green tea tea bags will be in the pot!

After breakfast、Explore the ship、Rooftop lounge on the top floor deck 18 ' The One Pool (the vampire) "in the morning spumante!

Just、Mr. Guido Giovannelli (Guido Giovanelli), CEO of MASERATI Japan and be with us、That 嗜ma espresso as waking up in the morning cup of Italy who is also nice!

On deck 5 casino、Slot machines and Black Jack、Are there Poker、The gift of $ 3 in guest embarkation、You can enjoy from f-zero possession!

Also、In the activity held on deck 7 'Aft Lounge (acht)"popularity of Mega Bingo (megavingo)、Mature big chance if you open bingo soon、It is possible to win the top prize "$ 25000 (2750000 Japan yen)"!

1Day was "go gone during the、3At the time marks the evening of the day、And enjoy the sunset in the last however many guests on the deck!

Watch gently with everyone watching the sun sets over the horizon、Glee's voice echoed through the beauty of its natural on board! Looking at the Sun、A journey's end、Cause indescribable loneliness、Looking at forever changing views, I have been immersed in the mood I want to be!

This evening、At THE STRAND THEATRE (Strand Theatre) on deck 6、Paologiua & Dania magician magic show MAGIC ISLAND (Magic) is made、Deck 7 Aft Lounge provides、Party was held 1 Ofuna on is called 'Carnival Night (Carnival night)、Visit the long night with Brazilian entertainment team!

MSC Cruises (MSC Crociere S. p. A.)
MSC splendida (MSC Splendida)
Japan Maserati (Maserati Japan)

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