To the VIP luxury passenger ship "MSC splendida" Italy's largest Yacht Club!

This time、Yokohama-Daikoku Wharf voyage to Shanghai、Italy's largest cruise company "MSC Cruises(MSC Crociere S. p. A.) "on board the luxury cruise liner MSC splendida (Msc Splendida)!

The force of 130000 tons at the Daikoku Futo as a major distribution center in the metropolitan area to took a huge ship and、Clearing large neck to look up at the sky、Will be overwhelmed with the size of able finally to see the whole scene!

18Layer boasts a number of decks、Passenger capacity: 3247 name、Number of approximately 1370、All cabins of 1637 room splendida! "How to" and 塞garimasenn was big enough to want to shout!

Number of guests on Board of this cruise、"Maserati Maserati Japan Japan"In addition to the 900 Japanese including the Maserati owners about 160 invited guests、Chinese 1000 guests、I was told about 2300 people aboard in a rich variety of international guest!

In front of the luxury cruise liner anchored at the pier、You already make a long line of passengers!
That was I would take quite some time ago departure、If you look at this column is a pleasant sight!

However,、My Maserati owners who offered Japan Japan Maserati Maserati for VIP on board private club "MSC Yatch Club Yacht Club "of private immigration booth special lounge is available、Until immigration was greeted with sparkling wine gracefully!

For the complete check-in、It is possible to embark on smooth!

Maserati dealers nationwide to gather together、We can live with the Exchange with other Maserati cruise!
From the Maserati Hamamatsu、A famous Patisserie "Patisserie Abondance(Patisriabondons) "of theBernard Heberle(Bernard) &Hasegawa 豊佳 (Toyoka Hasegawa)And it has joined as the owner and his wife and the couple we love Maserati!

While waiting in a special lounge、While piling up each Maserati owner、Participate than Hiroshima early in Mr. Iwasaki & Hiro who become good friends as Mr. and Mrs.、I can't stop thrilled to accompany 4-day cruise!

Ready on board、Follow the staff of a cruise ship!

There are special Studio splendida Board can be taken back and handsome crew ago boarding、Captain poses in 1 family photo!

Led by staff, it is time to ride! Go up the stairs to the lobby!

Boarding stairs and connected central lounge deck at 5th floor、General passengers will check-in at the lobby of this!

We have intact 15th-floor deck provided "MSC Yacht Club" lounge top sail lounge!

The Yacht Club、24And are staffed by hour concierge staff or individual's Butler、Private lounge、Private restaurant & bar、There was a private pool、Everything is next to an all-inclusive menu (free service)、Its staff to send a comfortable cruise ship services!

To check-in at the lounge this chat time!

A member-only Yacht Club special 18-15 floor deck consisting of the top floor and deck、For the dedicated band embedded passcode is handed、To unlock the key lock and worn on the wrist, and visitors、In the Board ensure a most private space!

The Concierge Desk、Resident and staff、Not to worry about the language! Ayaka Tanaka's staff was very cheerful and friendly and adorable! Tulttulttutu-she always says! (Lol)

By escort staff go to your room! We have 15 floor 15011 room deck.

Rooms at Yacht Club、All 69 rooms and suites and all the、Wider general class cabin、Ensures a luxurious space, balcony suggests watching the sea every hour! The cabin is fine Navy calm x decorated in shades of Brown、Semi double-sized twin beds!

Couch in the window or make up to Dresser indispensable、With alcohol, including free minibar、In the refrigerator's full lineup!

Kept clean daily room cleaning、Gas free、Gas with mineral water、And fruit decoration!

The bathroom was very clean、MSC original base item are uniform、Free-standing closet has been also provide bathrobes and slippers、Safety deposit box、There are also emergency life jackets! Wi-Fi is available everywhere on board、Although there is some instability、Than there is nothing or is greatly appreciated!

As the drink of the Yacht Club、Still in the sparkling wines of Italy, "Aneri Prosecco Brut" Please welcome!

As a welcome dessert、Providing of Bulgari JAPAN partners with original Trident stamped cookies made in the cafes of Maserati "COVA-Cova" / "Bulgari-for" chocolate gems!
During the Maserati logo shopping bag、The various Maserati merchandise giveaway!


Unpacking I、To own Top Sail Lounge!


While Prosecco with breakfast in the morning、Before leaving moments waiting for cheers!

Ship puffy was gone and to explore、15In the ground-floor deck Central、Tropical feel with plenty of spacious pool and Jacuzzi!

At center stage is held and live events on a regular basis!

Go through it and go to the rooftop deck、Beneath the sky vaguely celebrates twilight、On deck "GranCabrio Sport" believe it or not in standby!

I:See how this passenger in the car (Massé) is the place! "
Maserati staff:"I have lifted up by a crane! "
I:"The Typhoon is coming. cars (Massé) is it okay or not? "
Maserati staff:"Be assured to go to avoid the typhoon, it doesn't rain! "
I:"To look to.

Only the livery on the Pacific Ocean becomes world's first big event "Maserati Japan Tridente Experience 2018"、Something great is working (lol)

This time、Be able to collaborate "MSC Cruises (MSC Crociere S. p. A.) and Japan Japan Maserati Maserati、MSC Japan CEOOliviero Morelli(Olivier Morelli) and Mr. Guido Giovannelli (Guido Giovanelli), CEO of MASERATI Japan originally friendship deeply and、Each "Sea King"、Realized strongest tag as the "land King" in there!

Departure time across a fantastic sunset at night 20:00The street plan!
Start start the gorgeous cruise with Maserati enthusiast! Let & # 8217s; s go to Shanghai!! I'm going!

MSC Cruises (MSC Crociere S. p. A.)

MSC splendida (MSC Splendida)

Japan Maserati (Maserati Japan)


  1. Rock Iwasaki Hiromi

    This time、We have a nice trip、I really enjoyed.。
    Also we plenty of、Once again during the couple's increasingly inspiring glitter。
    And look forward to seeing you,。

  2. lade

    Hiromi、Come enjoy a nice welcome here, so much fun!
    Maserati to love common tastes, take a boat trip and those who have、It was the best!
    Also near Hamamatsu you are visiting please contact us!
    Look forward to seeing you again!

    Possible roles Asia, child


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