With gratitude, "MSC splendida" Captain Josep PE Maresca!

Italy's largest cruise company "MSC Cruises(MSC Crociere S. p. A.) "operates luxury cruise ship" MSC splendida (MSC Splendida) ' In spend a four-day cruise now celebrates the last day!

To see DAILY Program"delivered to the cabin every day、More Captain Josep PE Maresca "Arrivederci!!(Let me see you again! ) "And we spelled out words of gratitude!

Notes on the ship and we are、Leave your suitcase,、At midnight on the eve of 1.:00Until to rule should make an outside each cabin door that、We have struggled a bit on the experience of the first。Women (me) is that light is not!

Why is、Arriving on the last day the evening 16:30And、Almost 1 day stay for、Time to stay a required clothing and underwear、Makeup Tools、On the left hand back valuables such as your passport and tickets、Packing my suitcase and other luggage is! If you once used what it is not (laughs)

The last day、Helped me 'MSC Splendida – Yacht Club(Yacht Club) "the restaurant" L & # 8217s; OLVO RESTAURANT Lorie Bo "of staff in mind have you for breakfast, I thank you for the hospitality!

Finally "L & # 8217s; OLVO RESTAURANT Lorie Bo" of the photo with the staff!

"Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"From the famous patisserie that join together"Patisserie Abondance(Patisriabondons) "of theBernard Heberle(Bernard) & Hasegawa 豊佳 (Toyoka Hasegawa)And I'm looking back the fun journey as husband and wife、Back to celebrate the blue sky on the deck taking up the shot!

Young or younger when I was、The crew experienced was Bernard "ships are" listening、Spend valuable time!


Time to arrive in Shanghai、Can take to communicate with many Maserati owners spend at poolside、Fun time!

As planned "on Baosteel international cruise terminal (port of Wusong mouth international philatelic circle Wu)" to arrive and、Yacht Club guests will proceed according to the Guide to staff、Ship smart.

There is a large cruise ship、People change the Terminal!

And you'll help Canada's help in Shanghai banknote Exchange、Cute boy "Thank you!!"And the us makes us smile! Seems that enjoy a long vacation, and take a cruise to the Shanghai after whatever they traveled the Miura peninsula in Japan!


However, it also、First impressions of Shanghai、Sometimes the weather was overcast and it was、I was surprised with too much humidity! Although the same temperature in Japan、纏writsuku moist and humid but not odd! Her husband had taken the camera was clouded blink of an eye!

4Take a boat trip on the day to end、To be free from here、Travel agencies have been attended on this tour see H.I.S. Japan "by participants in Shanghai tours、Who will be returning to Japan as、Divided into 3 hands and had a free stay in Shanghai、According to the schedule of each farewell.

Select the free time we have、Travel company "H.I.S. Japan "for use only pick-up service、By bus to the Shanghai City for about 50 minutes or so "people's square"! The taxi ride、To stay in Shanghai "Mandarin Oriental Pudong Shanghai Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai"To and go!

MSC Cruises (MSC Crociere S. p. A.)
MSC splendida (MSC Splendida)
Japan Maserati (Maserati Japan)

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