Centre Mall in new open teppan-yaki Atsumi nostalgia of pork grilled


Located within 5 minutes ' walk from JR Hamamatsu station、
70Stores too of shopping streets where shops and restaurants、Its name is "Mall"。
Place Mall in the heart of the new shops also unfurled a goodwill、
2015On June 10th.To seeTeppan-yaki Atsumi"Let's open!


Shop、Counter plate to front of shop 9 seats and tables were small and only 6 seats。
Long-established 0/1913 from straw mats, interior products Corporation "Atsumi roads building"For his son
Atsumi sanshiroLet's also have been established、
Atsumi roads buildingIn materials handling and、And with hobby was painting her father's posthumous work、
Shop filled with owner attention products。
Unknown wife with a chef's license with two men standing in the shop、
During the summer months see poker ice.、One is expected to go begin "lunch"。
From that children of two children to Mrs. Atsumi、
"Children-families welcome shop"And、Aims at making a lively and warm!


IMO shochu liquor 500 yen

The stomach has is accepting the time bubble stuff day champagne and beer earlier, which、
Stream my favorite sweet potato shochu!




The shopkeeperAtsumi sanshiroMr. a、originally"Atsumi roads building"For as Managing Director,、Help family business handed over、
Want to try yourself in different industries and thought、Teppan yaki shop is thinking。
From when I was a child it was love、My uncle makes most flat ware。
"Learn from my uncle taste、As the sign on the shop wants to sell!"
And、And he trained under Uncle long engaged a new Steakhouse in Tokyo Shinagawa the recipe, to open。
The menu is、"Almost flat ware" (¥ 700) and "fried noodles" (pig、Squid、Shrimp 650 yen each)、
Okonomiyaki (pork、Squid、Shrimps 700 yen each) in addition to snacks、
"Mignon" (4000 yen ~), such as the aligned high-quality ingredients、
Vegetables and seafood is a style preference order。
Local butcher shop "Most significant"The pork and、Buy from a farmer friend of seasonal vegetables, and、
Enshū-producing center of materials we are using.


"Stuffed peppers" 700 yen

On this day、AtsumiIs it for friends to tell us to open this、
2Doors may、Now, you lightly pinch you rely on appropriate, make。
First of all,、Classic home cooking peppers stuffed with meat。
It seems insurmountable if this way of eating peppers dislike of children.


"Grilled cheese" 450 Yen

Plate with tomato, double-sided grilling、Cheese sauce, with Cloche、Cook。
Tomato with cheese is very hot plate! (Lol)


"Almost flat ware ' 700 yen

In the menu item pork grilled。
Thick egg wrapped pork、Will be simple with Worcestershire sauce sweet。
As the dish before the Okonomiyaki is one hungry to meet、Also、As the sake of favored。
Now、3Finish as the first pub crawl of me hanging、Place still enjoy good wine!
Next in line、Return to relish、Introduction of wining & dining.

Teppan-yaki Atsumi
Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Chitose-machi 90 TEL:053-413-2211
Hours of operation:15:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

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