Enjoy the newly opened BLUE BRICK STEAK HOUSE original aged steak bar


New York-style Grill up concept、
As a female-friendly bar of the popular "CLOUD9 cloud nine"And it's sister store
"BLUE BRICK STEAK HOUSE blueblxtakihouse"2015In July, 10 pmTo open sakana-Cho。
Cloud nineMr. a、In the restaurant the food trading company in Hamamatsu、
Engaged in import and wholesale high-quality seafood fresh / frozen、Is a stable company with suppliers across the country。
High-quality food in there、Would you want to eat even more how they4MoonA has been opened。
Become a sister storeBlueblxtakihouseMr. so、
You can enjoy the original aged meat in Hamamatsu.


Place、From JR Hamamatsu station 7 mins walking distance
"Aya's Mieko"Just for the building ownerMieko buildingThe will be on the second floor。


Shop、In a relaxed atmosphere and inspired retreat in the adult、
Counter will table seats 10 seats and 10 seats and Interior。
Here you will、According to the fine aged meats
"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"Who is supervised by the wine, provided。
In addition to、Japanese sake and shochu、Cocktails、Guests can enjoy many kinds of alcohol.



2015At 7/31/(Friday)Until the、To celebrate the opening, welcome drinks、
Whats the YEBISU beer。
Even after drinking more than 30 cups champagne、Surprisingly delicious beer is (laughs)


"Smoked salmon with marinated" 1200 Yen

Australia Tasmanian salmon with clean water and air is loved around the world and raised the、
Standing smoking incense scent、Fat is flavor、Salty is nice and classy taste。
Bell pepper and eggplant、With summer vegetables, such as young corn
Enjoy a refreshing as summer dish!




28Increases the umami days bouquet、Amazing softness of aged meat。
Here is the best thing for、And T bone steak is maturing in our cellars can。
Not on the regular menu、
And Tan, also aged meats such as Sirloin steak if you're lucky you might say!
It is recommended to ask for better meat for the day!


Put the chicken on the net and slab of aged meat。


"Rib-eye steak (250 g) 5000 Yen

The rib-eye、Also called Delmonico、In a rather large fat steak、
Is in the meat near the ribs (abala) soft and delicious。
Aged in the private cellars、Flavor、Fragrance、Fully utilize the soft palate。
Source、In a separate dish with two cheese and tomato、So a little sweet finish、
I think most good are simply savoring flavor of aged meat with salt。
Now、2Is the new opening of the first restaurant、Is the introduction of the Okonomiyaki shop in Hamamatsu Chitose area!

BLUE BRICK STEAK HOUSE blueblxtakihouse
Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 318-16 Mieko Bldg. 2F
Hours of operation:18:00-24:00
Closed on Mondays:Sunday
http://www.bluebricksteakhouse.com/(Coming Soon)

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