"Hare 3" local B-class gourmet! Bonito and kombu dashi Okonomiyaki with plenty of Yam

From a long time ago、I'm in the shop。
Looking up on the net、Almost no information。
But I want to、Somewhat difficult。

In a few such shops、Are there local NetA、Aiming at near zero of that did not shop、浜松市北区三方原にある我が家から徒歩圏内の「お好み焼き 3 h.(Miharu) ' to!

A curtain hung upside、In year seven days a week is put in through sales to any、Is open for lunch from 12 noon, not "12:15-23:30"And subtly not fixed 15-minute show with a little mystery shrouded shop、Rebuttal by shops packed with flavor!

That was in the shop out rumors among friends and gourmet preaching to、Decided to finally visit this day!

Shop、It is clean than imagined、On the wall and hit the menu、Decorated with smiling patrons Cup photos、You can feel the history of this shop!


But with a hot plate / 5 seats and、Sofa seats also have spacious layout。High school、There was always stop by after school jungle / Okonomiyaki、The atmosphere somewhere near the、Is warm.、Nostalgia feel even more!

This shop is、Shopkeepers smile might be!
A little unique owner、In a high-pitched voice greets the smiley!

Here is、Domestic powdered kombu dashi and bonito dashi used plenty of Yam、Fluffy and light texture Okonomiyaki and monjayaki enjoy grilled、Lunch menu is "Okonomiyaki、Monja-yaki、CHOW Mein、Yaki Udon、Bowser "ALL 400 Yen and shocking pricing!

30The species over assorted toppings、50Circles-are available at 200 yen、Will add the choice on the menu-based system.

This time the Okonomiyaki + kimchi ramen set 850 yen and、Order "Bowser" 400 Yen and CHOW Mein 400 Yen、3To share with people.。And enjoy the taste of plain to the Orthodox dare not and no toppings!

By clean plate in front of owner style、Just wait for it!

On the wall see pancakes delicious bake points! "As、See 触ranai、押sanai、叩kanai of 3 Nai movement! In the first 3 minutes、Turn over 5 minutes、2 minutes and back again、That's about 10 minutes! "And will burn it on time has been raised!

If homemade sauce and mayonnaise bonito flakes and seaweed with plenty of take is finished!
Topping is not there、Let's get started easily and broth flavored with Torro of soft feeling is felt directly!
Because it is a small size、It seems even the cleaners were helpful!

Speaking of snack、Here you will、You put the ice cream dessert ware that "chocolate ball" and "red ball" of 500 yen and very popular!

Ask the owner、Shop nearly 25 years it has been operating in it.、A reasonably priced from、Many students, such as the nearby Beach s is used!

In a style not changed forever。
You can see why long-loved、It was like that shop!

Okonomiyaki 3 h.
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Mikata town 106-22
Hours of operation:12:15-23:30
Open every day


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