In the Ōmori toshikoshi Soba "buckwheat noodle house oomori" new year's Eve last dinner out, enjoy!

Last new year's Eve dinner out、Our toshikoshi Soba would be annual each year to、Nakajima offering Gen near chosen from around the country every week powder, beat pole buckwheat "Sobaya Omori"To!

Shop tempura, crispy texture carefully fried Soba built Omori Masato is the owner, is painstakingly made by hand-ground and his wife Mieko, taste delicious!

Shop、10And the room's name and counter 腰掛kereru about 4 small shops。High ceilings、The warmth of the wood flows at a leisurely space。1The appearance of our regulars around the table plates are always、Occasionally、Knowing rumors, outside groups from afar purposely go look at it of anybody here seen、It is a very popular like the Soba shop!(Be é ∀ ' Nono & # 8217s; '-Chi & # 8217s; ' ° Chi

Become fully occupied and opened at the same time、1Wait an hour or so、Soba noodles are finally able to find the、Seiro and countryside (d) 8 where you can enjoy both "eat compared with ' 1200 Yen、"(Wen) with Yam" order for 1200 yen.

And Soba、In the tradition of Japan was established during the Edo period、Buckwheat is easier to cut than other noodles from meaning "breaking the disaster of the year this year.、Refers to the noodle eating ago the evening of new year's Eve new year's Eve!

While grateful to spend this year than a year in health、This also like Soba for a long, thin、Couples get along and make love not fondly、We had delicious ♪ we、This year is very helpful!

Sobaya Omori
Address:1-31 -1 Nakajima, Naka-ku Hamamatsu-Shi
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00(Open day)
Closed on Mondays:Moon、Fire、Friday

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