It's a tradition every year! Architects of the hase 守保 House held the pounding of 2017!

To 30 days each year and the end of the year will be、Participate in the pounding of that annual!(*́Д ' *)Bruno))
Place、Hamamatsu Lugu "steak of bear" located along a gradual curve before the architectsHase 守保 (Moriyasu Hase)In the House、"Party" from the "mochi" and, together with a good drinking buddies、Us couple from 2013 every year perfect attendance Awards!

From the end of the year is year of the rice cake making、"Kagami-mochi" promotion for the God of the new year one-year-old God welcomes you and events have been made long ago to eat the origination of "red bean"。

Every year、Glutinous rice steamed and prepared ago hase's twice over、Conneconneconneconne、Alternated with pettampettan、Started the pestle in everyone who took part、We will complete the glowing mochi。Here's a few years、The warm hands of much too much、Because rice was somehow to Turkish ice、This year in promoting each other's hands "Kone 8%、Mugitsuki 2% "thoroughly and to challenge、I was able to complete the beautiful cake!

1In person though it is a fine effort is、Simple with this year though with a haori coat couple、Surprising to find compatible! It was also said that just for fun!

Mochi rice is really good scent、Good growth, good、How to eat and upgrade every year、This time we are found always new garnish (lol)、Skied all the way char-grilled, "connoisseur" and "only kiritanpo" for so the cooked cakes to chopsticks、Wrapped in seaweed, or try to "grilling"、Radish and fish and olive oil marinated cheese、Such as the combination to enjoy! In addition、Combination microwave oven with the pledge, I snack on homemade Gratin and rice cake,, and Chin now、Most delicious rice Gratin is completed!

More on alcohol、K.-San's homemade "nishime with" or "chicken and Leek" Harumi-CHAN's home-made 'persimmon and turnip salad"or" many mushrooms.、Sort that treats such as "Grilled Duck.、Gorgeous dining table is a large party start!

A glass of wine or sake、France joined hiroumi Ryo and Harumi Ito-Chan and his wife who select the "Robert-Denogent / Sardines Mâcon-Villages Blanc.、Italy "Ribolla Gialla / Radikon.、La Fleur Au Fusil 2016 Spain、100% strong Syrah's habit of "Foxy Foxy Nature Wildlife (Jean Marc Brignot et Anders Frederik Steen) / Moonologue "、France's "Yoyo / Chime.R ',、出揃i sake nachuru of delicious wines and Aichi Prefecture Fuji city still Chrysanthemum Hawk junmai unfiltered raw liquor Chrysanthemum snow and "dembei oimatsu Brewing barley shochu Koji-ya"、Everything was empty!

At the end of the party、Miyano shepherd who is home from Yokohama and participated, and Suzuki k., Mr. and Mrs. drunkenness drunkenness also fully play very cute、Finish the piece with the party。We were together、Thank you again this year!

Mr hase、Next year held thank!

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